Dance like a Jordanian

November 8, 2016
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Hail Folklore Group (Dabke)

Jordan-“Hail” Folklore for Culture and Arts presents a variety of Innovative arts that are extremely relevant to Jordanian place and privacy.

The Dabke is the traditional folk dance of Jordan, going back generations. It can be danced by men, women, or both, with different steps and different rhythms.

However, it is also a dance of solidarity and a way of expressing nationalism and the age-old presence of art and culture in a positive way.

When the Dabke dance was first created it was mainly danced by people of the villages and towns of Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, and some quasi-Bedouin tribes that were living in nearby territories.

The Director of the group Dr. Suhair Al Tal chose (Hail); which means (cardamom) in English; as a group name inspired by the Jordan environment components, Cardamom is added for flavor and fragrance of the coffee, and her desire was to deliver the Jordanian heritage by her team to the audience, celebrate the joy and Jordanian folklore and deliver it to the world.

The band, founded in 2003 is not like any traditional heritage band, but has an ambition of delivering the Jordanian heritage as part of home pride and history.

The band toured in several Arab and international festivals, including Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, France, Korea and Turkey. It consists of thirty young men and women, and is considered today as one of the most famous show bands, locally and regionally, where they are well-known for artistic and cultural skills.