Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum in Jordan


Perhaps the most magnificent landscapes in the Kingdom abound in Wadi Rum, one of the truly most breathtaking experiences of Jordan. Life does not seem to have changed in Rum for a long time. As soon as one steps foot on its pinkish sand, one is transported back to the days of Lawrence of Arabia. It was here where this brilliant British officer conducted important military liaisons with Sherif Hussein of Mecca. To this day Lawrence's spring is still used as a water source for the Bedouins and their cattle.


Stunning in its natural beauty, the famous Wadi Rum epitomises the romance of the desert. With its "moonscape" of ancient valleys and towering sandstone cliffs, Wadi Rum is home to several Bedouin tribes living in camps throughout the area. Climbers are especially attracted to Wadi Rum because of its sheer granite and sandstone cliffs, while hikers enjoy its vast empty spaces. Adventurous visitors may explore the area via four-wheel driving, excursions, on camel caravans or simply hiking on foot. The desert sunsets of Wadi Rum are unbeatable, so we recommend an overnight camping experience. Wadi Rum is also a UNESCO world heritage site.