Mansaf- Tradrional Jordanian Food

Jordanian Food, part of your Jordanian Discovery!

May 14, 2015
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Hashem Restaurant in Down Town


Food is an important part of your Jordanian travel experience. The cuisine is varied and if you are open to trying local food, the country can match your palate.

If you want to enjoy Jordanian food, a liking for chickpeas may help, as it is a common ingredient in many dishes. They can be prepared in a dozen different ways, all delicious.

Bread in Jordan is delectable and present at every meal. You will find a variety of Arabian bread types, the most common of which is a pita-style bread. Enjoy vegetarian or meat based dishes with fresh pita rounds. Shraak is a very thin, whole-wheat bread perfect to eat with hummus or fool.

One of the experiences that you may wish to undertake is visiting one of the well-known, road side restaurants, where you can enjoy a traditional breakfast with local Jordanians.. Expect a stack of bread, and a several dishes including freshly fried falafel, hummus and fool. Just feast on the tasty morsels accompanied by the compulsory glass of sweet tea..

If you are fond of desserts, taste knafeh. It is warm, filling cheese and noodles desert, and you may fall in love. Its taste is different from any of the western style deserts that you may be used to.

No Jordanian food list is complete without Mensaf, the national dish of Jordan. It is a lamb dish cooked in a broth with fermented, dried yogurt. When topped with rice, almonds and spice, the result is wow! The chunks of lamb are so tender that they will just melt into the mouth.

Maqluba is a specialty where meat, fried vegetables and rice are layered and cooked in a pot and then turned over onto a platter. Served with yogurt, the dish is best shared with a group of friends.

If you like simple unfussy food, Jordan is your perfect match. Whether you have chosen Wadi Rum, Dead Sea or Petra tours, your culinary experience will be part of it. Apart from the world class sites, the food may just as well make your experience an unforgettable one!