jerash music festival

Music festivals in Jordan

June 9, 2015
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Jordan has been one of the leading countries in the region in celebrating the music of the Arab youth and the classical Arab music. If you will be visiting Jordan during this summer, make sure you do not miss some of the important cultural festivals.

Amman usually holds most of the music festivals like Al Balad Music Festival which is a platform for artists from all over the Arab region to share their music with the people. During the month of Ramadan, you will be exposed to a different part of the Jordanian culture with the Citadel Nights. In these nights, Amman welcomes visitors from all over the world to celebrate the Arab culture. Visitors of the Citadel Nights will not only enjoy the authentic Arab music, but also the Arabic cuisine and the amazing souks. But the highlight the of this festival could be the panoramic views of old Amman.

Less than an hour drive from Amman, one of the most preserved ancient cities holds one of the oldest festivals in the region; Jerash Festival of culture and Arts. This festivals has been running every year for more than 20 years now, hosting Araba and International artists, singers, and bands on its ancient theatres, bringing a new spirit to the old city of Jerash. Preparations for this unique festival already started and the opening will be by the end of July.