Here you can see some interesting pictures of Jordan submitted by our clients.
Jordan is famed for its interesting and picturesque topography and its man-made wonders, which are a boon for photographers.
The best time to take pictures depends on the season, but it is worthwhile to note that Jordan has one of the strongest solar radiation levels anywhere on earth. This is mostly because of the low incidence of haze particles in the sky, and the fact that our two seas are rather small in surface area and do not produce enough water vapour to affect solar radiation on the ground level.

In the summer it may be prudent to plan your photo taking for early mornings or late afternoons, while winter/ early spring sunshine is usually suitable for whole day photography. You could also opt for a polarising filter if you need more freedom taking pictures.
Drones are still tricky to bring into Jordan, you will require a special permit from the Civil Aviation Authority, and you may be required to be accompanied by a member of the security forces on your own expense, this is why we do not recommend clients brought a drone that is any larger than their palm.
Our guides and drivers can also recommend some interesting viewpoints from where you can take interesting pictures.