Testimonials 9


Dear Rana


My apologies for the delay in writing to thank you for organising such a wonderful trip for us. (Since returning home I've pretty much been working six days a week and catching up on chores on my odd days off.)


I think it's fair to say that Jordan exceeded our expectations - we have never been anywhere else in the world where people passing in the street have said "Welcome" as they did in Jordan.


The tour you organised for us covered everything we wanted to see at a pace that wasn't too hectic - we didn't arrive home with that "we need a holiday to recover from the holiday" feeling. I think the only change we might have made with hindsight would have been to spend longer at Petra - we spent 7 hours at the site our first day and then 9 hours the second day before going back for the Petra by Night and we still didn't see everything! Now that we have visited your country we find it difficult to believe that so many tour operators only allocate 6 days for a vacation in Jordan.


We also really appreciated the flexibility which allowed us to switch the programme for two of the days at the end of the vacation when I wasn't feeling too well. And, despite the fact that our vacation was personalized to our wishes and we had an English-speaking driver with car for the vacation your charges, were amazingly competitive when compared with tour operators who would have herded us around on a coach in a large group and allowed us no flexibility at all and would definitely not have allowed us to spend as long as we wanted at the various sites.


As for Mousa, our driver, we can't be too complimentary about him. He was extremely patient and good natured when we took at least three times as long at sites than the average visitor and was able to adjust our schedule "on the road" to accommodate all the extra time we were taking. He even took us to a small, but interesting site, Qasr Al Abd, which wasn't on our itinerary.


We have wanted to visit Jordan for the longest time and have delayed in doing so because of the various political problems affecting some of the countries neighbouring Jordan. Now we wonder why on earth we waited so long and we are talking about maybe visiting Syria and Egypt in coming years. (Do you organise tours in those countries as well or only Jordan?)


Thank you again for all your help - we cannot recommend your company highly enough. We're already trying to persuade some of our friends to plan holidays in Jordan.


Regards Beryl Owen & Sean Doull-Connolly



Dear Rana,


Maybe I should have reported on our tour earlier but we have been exceptionally busy since we arrived home. I think too, that it is easier to do this now that a little time has elapsed since we got home.


So, firstly, thank you for all the planning that was carried out between yourself and our daughter in Bangkok. We really enjoyed our visit and covered a good range of sites in the time available.


It was good having your staff meet us at the airport and take us through the official process. I think having the hotel for a rest the first morning was quite useful. Getting through customs into Israel took somewhat longer and Aldo had been waiting about two hours for us to get through. (One or two other people ahead of us had some problem with their passports which seemed to take a lot of sorting out).


I think it was good to have included the visit to Jerusalem and Bethlehem in our tour. Looking back we covered an amazing number of sites but I think it might have been useful to have had a little longer there or to be able to get some detailed brochures particularly of the Biblical sites. I have come home with a very generalised view of the area and have a good number of photos which I can't specifically identify. May be (and maybe not) I might have remembered more details if we had been there longer.


Our driver, Hassan, was always extremely punctual and helpful and had an excellent vehicle. We were able to talk to him easily about the countryside and life in Jordan generally. His selection of guides at all the places of interest was always very good and we always had good places for meals. We found him friendly and very easy to get on with and he certainly helped to make out our the success it was. We were particularly impressed with the guide at Aljoun who has been working on the excavations there and had a personal enthusiasm for the castle and surroundings.


My sister-in-law found the walking a little difficult at times and decided not to return to Petra but my husband and I were pleased that we had gone a second time. We then had time for a visit to Little Petra which was also interesting. As well as the historical features we were interested in the general countryside so were pleased to have had the ride to and from the King Hussein Bridge on our way out of Israel. It was good too the we travelled on both the Old King's Highway and the Desert Highway which gave us an opportunity to see a lot more of the countryside. Wadi Rum is a fascinating place.


Your country is certainly vastly different from anything we have seen and has a history way, way beyond anything here in our very young country. Touring in a small group with a driver personalises travel in a way no large group tour could do. So, again thank you for all the effort you put into planning a very successful tour for us.



Beth Campbell



Dear Rana,,


How are you? My apology for taking such a long time to send you our review about our trip with your company from 19-27 August 05. We have started working the very next day after returning from Jordan and have been busy since!


First of all, we would like to extend our thank-yous to both your staff & you for arranging such a wonderful trip and to our friendly & easy-going driver Ahmad, for driving us from places to places in Jordan with no hiccups & no delays. We went from Amman to Ajlun and then to the south, Aqaba. We saw the magnificent Petra, the breath-taking Wadi Mujib valley and had such a fun-filled time floating in the Dead Sea. The hotels you had arranged were clean and well-equipped. We were very pleased with the Coral Bay Resort hotel at Aqaba and the proximity of the Petra Palace hotel to the entrance of Petra itself. We enjoyed very much the company of the Wadi Rum desert jeep driver Mohammed. He was such a jovial man who managed to spice up our 3-hour desert tour with his enthusiasm, easy-going humor & happy songs. The stay at Jebel Rum campsite was also a memorable one.


We walked through the 1.5 km Petra's narrow siq in the dark after returning from the hike to the Monastery at sunset. We snorkelled in Aqaba and saw beautiful corals & reef fishes. We were so attracted to the exquisite ancient mosaics of Madaba. There are simply so many things to do in Jordan.


And, we must thank you and everyone from Jordan Direct Tours, for making our trip a very enjoyable & unforgettable one!


Take care and best regards,

Eunice Lim, Yeo Dai Wei & Lee Chon Gee (Singapore)



Dear Rana,


Hope you are well and doing excellent business in the high season.


It's very hard to settle down after the loveliest of holidays spent in Jordan. but I'm just about getting there.


I sent a copy of the above book to Hassan's home address a week ago so maybe he has received it by now and is willing to put all the assistance contained therein into practice. Is he able to e-mail me via you? We had decided that this was to be a joint venture so we'll both need a starting date to dispense, once and for all, with the dreaded weed!


Best wishes Jill Williams



Dear Rana


What an incredible trip and so good to be in such safe, professional hands.


From the moment Harriet and I touched down in Amman until the moment, all too soon, we were on our way back home, we hadn' t a worry in the world apart from lost luggage which Muhammed, in his inimitable style, rectified surprisingly speedily.


The hotels were excellent, particularly those at Petra and Aqaba: we delighted in our balconies surrounded by a profusion of tropical plants and fragrant blooms at Petra, with bats skimming the surface of the pool in the evening to drink and having the Red Sea in front of us at Aqaba and the sound of its waves lulling us to sleep.


The food was most impressive, so many plates and so many tastes and the banquet! in Wadi Rum was sensational as was an evening meal at the Petra Palace, such an array of food, quite exceptional for a third star hotel.


Hassan was the most wonderful, laid back, companionable person with whom to travel, he so had our interest at heart and the knowledge he imparted on all things Jordanian have made me eager to acquaint myself on the more recent history of your lovely country. I shall long remember his charm and willingness to give us the best possible holiday.


Beforehand I thought I may expire in Jordan because of the unrelenting heat but no problem, no humidity and what a wondrous pure light Jordan offers. We so enjoyed some of your country's delights. We were humbled by the scale and majesty of the ancient sites, awed by the mosaics at Madaba, enchanted by the serenity and beauty of the vista at Um Quais and staggered by the natural phenomenon that is Wadi Mujib, mustn't forget the sunset at the tranquil Dana village, etc.etc.


I thought I may be slightly disappointed with Petra, my expectations being so high, but the reality far outshone my wildest dreams and the first glimpse of one of the columns of the Treasury, spied from the Siq are indelibly in my mind's eye.We loved the tropical feel of Aqaba and the somewhat unearthly scape of the Dead Sea surrounds and how about Wadi Rum!!!


The Rough Guide to Jordan informed that the people are welcoming and how true that is, we were treated with respect and courtesy throughout our holiday and such genuinely smiling faces.


I'm introducing a little of Jordanian cuisine into my life, want to keep the feeling going and I'm hooked already on cardamom in my coffee - hubble-bubble pipes are harder to come by!


Very best wishes to you all and thank you.


Jill and Harriet Williams



Dear Rana,


Just a quick email to say how much we enjoyed the tour. Everything went very well and we were looked after really well by Mensour. He was always helpful and polite and nothing was too much trouble. He always drove very carefully and didn't give us any frights!! All the arrangements went very smoothly and we have no hesitation in recommending your agency to our friends.




David & Sylvia Al-Dabass



Dear Lamees,


First, let me apologize for not having written to you sooner. We visited Jordan in May for 5 amazing days and had an absolutely incredible, wonderful time! Everything that you arranged for us was perfect! Our guides were informative, helpful and gracious, the accommodations were beautiful, the sight-seeing nothing less than breathtaking - it was one of the best vacations we have ever taken! As a matter of fact, everything was so wonderful that I would like to book another holiday in Jordan for next March. I want to take my father to see the wonderful sights that we visited - the crusader castles and Jerash, and most especially, to have the opportunity to visit Petra. My father is 75 years old and in good physical condition, with the exception that he is losing his eyesight. He has a passion for history, archeology and architecture, and I want him to be able to see the wonders of Jerash and Petra. I want to give him this trip for his birthday in March. I would also like to arrange for a day trip into Jerusalem, which as I understand it from our guide in Jordan, can be easily arranged with your company.


I would like to do a tour very similar to that which my husband and I did in May, but because of my Dad's age, perhaps moving at a little different pace. Staying at the same hotel in Amman for a couple of days, the Marriot (I think it was), and taking a day's trip up to the Crusader Castle and Jerash, but not going to Um Qais as that was a very long day - we loved it, but I think it might be too many activities in one day for my Dad. Then staying overnight again, going to the Turkish Bath (what a fabulous experience!), and taking a day tour of the city of Amman. Then driving down toward Petra and stopping for an overnight at one of the resorts on the Dead Sea (we absolutely loved our time there and I know my Dad would really treasure the opportunities to bask in those healing waters!) Then maybe we could take our day excursion into Jerusalem, I'm not sure whether you think we should stay overnight there or just make it a day trip - I will take your best advice on this. Then, back in Jordan, driving on to Petra and staying overnight there for two nights, as Ron and I did, with the opportunity for an extensive guided tour (we took a 5 hour tour when we were there - and it wasn't even enough!). Our guide arranged to take us to Little Petra first, which was the absolute best possible way to do it. Then maybe we could visit Wadi Rum and then go on to Aqaba. We might like to fly home from Aqaba, rather than driving back into Amman. Is that possible?


Please let me know what kind of an itinerary you recommend. I will have a break from my classes starting in the second week in March, so I would like to start the trip around the 10th or so.


Again, thank you for the wonderful experience your company provided to my husband and I, and I am looking forward to working with you for my upcoming return visit to your beautiful country.


All the best, Lesley Clear



Dear Rana


Just a note to thank you and Jordan Direct Tours for my recent visit to Jordan. From the initial organising, to the airport greeting to the travel around the country everything went to plan and the trip lived up to expectations.


I look forward to returning to Jordan to further explore areas I didn't get to and neighbouring countries. Both Petra and the Dead Sea should be on every travellers 'must see and do' list..


Please pass my thanks to Mousa.





Dear Rana,


I just wanted to write and thank you so much for helping me organize our stay in Jordan this past May. Even though I have travelled in the Middle East before, my time in Jordan was exceptional. Our driver, Hassan, was so friendly and funny, and helped us to get the most out of our tours and time in Jordan. Your staff made everything run very smoothly and was also very kind to us. I have come away with a great understanding of Jordan and deep appreciation for her people. My only regret is that I didn't come sooner!


If there is ever anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be sure to let everyone here know what a wonderful time I had and how your company made that possible.


I hope all is well in Amman, have a great summer.

Sincerely, Erin Berg (and my dad, Doug, too!)



Dear Rana:


I am writing to thank you for arranging such a wonderful tour of Jordan (May 28 - June 3, 2005) for me. I had a fantastic time. Jordan is beautiful (gameela). I spent 2 full days in Petra, which left me amazed and exhausted - but wanting more. Next time, I would like to visit little Petra too, insha allah. I regret not scheduling more time for the Dead Sea stay because it was an incredibly relaxing experience and after Petra and Egypt, the rest was quite necessary. The castles (Shobak, Kerak and Ajlun) were exciting and the Red Sea at Aqaba was lovely. My favorite part of the tour was Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum is breathtakingly beautiful. I would like to take the camel tour next time and I am working up the courage to consider spending a night in the desert. I would also like to see more of Wadi Mujib as well.


Musa, my driver, was excellent. He was professional, friendly and a wealth of information regarding the sights we visited and the history and culture of Jordan. He was kind enough to attempt to understand my very limited knowledge and use of the Arabic language and patient enough to address my numerous questions. I left Jordan with a better understanding and appreciation of its beauty, culture and people. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity of visiting Jordan and meeting some of its wonderful people such as Musa and others. I have already and will continue to recommend (highly) Jordan Direct Tours to anyone interested in visiting Jordan.


Good luck in all your endeavors and shukran jaziilan, Doreen Barnes





I'd like to thank you for a very well organised tour. Mousa was particularly helpful and made the trip feel smooth and effortless.


The Syrian tour was also excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to any acquaintances wishing to travel in your region.

Nola Finn



Dear Rana,

I am just writing to say thank you for all the arrangements you made for our tour in Jordan. Everything was very well arranged and went extremely well. Our driver Mansoor was excellent. He was always punctual, polite and friendly and drove very safely. The hotels we stayed in were all of a very high standard and the places we visited were all most interesting in a whole range of different ways. We had a wonderful time.

With very best wishes,

Louise Ramsay



Dear Rana,

Just a short note to let you know that everything was perfect. Thank you very much for putting together such a wonderful itinerary. We fell in love with Jordan. Omer was a great host and driver and has a fun sense of humour, he made our trip and enjoyable experience.

Thanks again,

Marcus and Ximena



Dear Rana,

On behalf of our group I am writing to you to wholeheartedly thank you and your team to make our tour really unforgettable! We were impressed by the punctuality of your staff, their responsiveness and eagerness to assist and, of course, hospitality. I can assure you that I will recommend your company to my friends and colleagues, who might plan to visit your beautiful country. Thank you once again for accommodating our requests and making our visit both informative and enjoyable.

Yours sincerely,

Irina Dubish

British Embassy, Kyiv




We had a wonderful holiday in your beautiful country. Thank you so much for organising such a varied and interesting itinerary.

Please thank Ali for his kindness and help. He is an excellent driver and guide.

If I can help you in the future please ask. I have in mind a situation where a possible client wants to hear of the experiences of others before booking with your company. I’d be happy to give you a reference.

Next time we’d be very interested in going to Syria.

Once again thank you very much.

Alan Tonkin



Dear Rana

Thank you so much for arranging our holiday in Jordan. Your staff was very polite and efficient.

The accommodation was well organised and there were no hiccups. However the thing that made our trip the most memorable holiday ever was our driver / guide Ahmad. He was an absolute star. He enriched our holiday by allowing us to have a clearer understanding of Jordian life. He was always polite informative helpful and supportive which made us feel very special.

We felt at all times safe, relaxed and very well looked after. nothing was a problem with him. We cannot speak highly enough of the care and effort he made to make our holiday unforgettable. We wonder if you realise what true gem you have, and how his professional attitude reflects to enhance your company. Although we have only been back in England 1 day we have recommended your company to many people and we hope one day our children will come to Jordan and he will be their guide and look after them because we trust him as he is such a caring and professional person. If he is a reflection of the guides in your company then we have no doubt that your company aill grow from strength to strength. His knowledge of water melons is exceptional you should ask him about it.

Once again thank you all

Andrew Rimmer



To all at JD Tours

Just a quick note to say thank you for the fantastic service you gave us during our stay in Jordan. We appreciated being in the care of people who had everything so well organised. A huge thank you to Musa, our driver, he was brilliant as he knew so much about Jordan. It was great to have someone with a sense of humour too!

We loved your country, the scenery was out of this world and the people were so welcoming.

Thank you again.

Fiona, Sean, Alice and Bea Turner



Dear Rana,

We have safely returned and have settled into our routine of work. But we have many memories and photos of our time in Jordan.

Thank you, Moses, for your assistance in making our time in Jordan so fulfilling and enjoyable. The service that you provided exceeded our expectation in all respects.

We are now confirmed ambassadors for Jordan. We are telling every body we meet what a great time we had and what a terrific country Jordan is to visit. A number of people have asked for your address and hopefully some will contact you, in time to organize a trip to Jordan.

Thank you again and best regards for the future.

Dame Rosemary Thompson (DOSJ) and Ron Thompson



Hello Rana,

Now that we are home and have had a little time to reflect on our trip, I thought you might be interested in our thoughts and reactions.

Overall it was a great trip. We all enjoyed it very much. Hassan was an excellent choice for driver/guide. We hit it off well with him and found him to be friendly, courteous, efficient, knowledgeable and pleasant. Hassan did his best to show us as much of your country as possible in the time available. We found the hotels to be good and the location of the Crowne Plaza at Petra was just great--it was the best of the 3 hotels. We were pleased with the food and enjoyed the salad portion of the buffet the best. The itinerary was good. The only thing that did not mesh well --and it was VERY MINOR -- was the last day from Aquaba to Amman. We just could not have had lunch in Aquaba at noon and do the sightseeing scheduled too. So we left early and Hassan had picked up some food and we had a picnic at Lot's cave. That was something different and gave us a chance to try some food that we would otherwise not have had a chance to eat.

All-in-all, the trip was a big success. We all want to thank you for your patience with us as we developed the itinerary last summer and then for having made such good choices of hotels, restaurants and everything along the way, especially Hassan. We all felt that we made a good choice in pre-paying for our meals. The noon restaurants were very good. It was very nice to have your staff guide us through the airport both coming in to Jordan and going out.

Again many thanks and the best to you and to Hassan.

Best regards,

Don Hammond



Dear Rana & Tayseer


Many thanks for making our holiday in Jordan so memorable & fun. We felt relaxed & also sad when we left your wonderful country. I of course loved the history & we both hope to return one day & see more of Petra and the desert areas we didn't have time for. Our photos worked well & will send some to Tayseer soon. A special thanks to Tayseer for all his thoughtfulness looking after us so well every moment.


We shall recommend jdtours to everyone


Best wishes to all

Ken & Jan Roberts



Hi, I would like to thank you and your staff for organising a most wonderful trip. We all had a great time and loved your beautiful country. A very special thanks to Mahmoud, our guide, who was most helpful and friendly and also a very careful driver.

We will come to Jordan again.

Our many thanks again.

Peter, Judith and Katherine Johnson



Good morning,

With this message I would like to thank you for the extremely good vacation we had in Jordan. You have planned for us a very interesting and varied tour so that we came back with the feeling of having a good sight of your country.

Your organization is perfect. We will recommend your address to our friends.

We have already fixed at the wall our mosaique (exactly in the tone!) and we are impatient to have our pictures developed and glue them in an album.

Jordan will remain a good memory for us! Thank you!

Beatrice and Yves

Beatrice Huguenin

Universite de Geneve

Departement d'Econometrie



Dear Rana,

Now back in UK after 2 further weeks in Dubai.

We very much enjoyed our visit to your country, from the moment we met

Mo until we said goodbye to him we felt entirely at ease and well

looked after.

Travelling with Ahmed was great fun and we hope he enjoyed our company as

much as we enjoyed his. He is very good at arranging the best hotel

rooms,tour guides, nd meals en route and knows the best shops for fruit and


You might appreciate our comments on the hotels for future reference? The

Jordan Valley Marriott was definitely the best with a lovely Spa, The Aqaba

Movenpick next, very comfortable and good beach, Crowne Plaza good with easy

access to the Petra entrance, Days Inn OK for a night or two en route but

you can hear the all night, every night Disco even on the 7th floor!

So, many thanks to you and Ahmed for your care and attention to detail, we're busy telling all our friends to contact JDT and visit Jordan.

Goodbye,Bill & Regina Vine,also known as Hamdan & Nofa!!



Dear Rana,

I am emailing to give you feedback on our recent holiday in Jordan.

We had a most enjoyable time and found the general service, planning and organising of our holiday to be first-rate.

Our driver ("Moses") in particular was excellent and most helpful. The hotels were generally very good and the guides were also great (except for Ali, in Petra).

We felt we had managed to experience many of the wonders for which Jordan is so famous.

The Jordanian people we met were all extremely friendly.

We have already recommended Jordan Direct Tours to many of our friends and would certainly make use of your company again if we should get the opportunity to return to Jordan.

Many thanks,

Paul Sanders



Dear Mrs. Bseiso:

I am back from Jordan and wanted to thank you and the staff at Direct Tours for such a wonderful experience. They were excellent and worked very hard to make sure I made it through the process of getting in and out of the country. They were also very instrumental in recovering my lost luggage and getting it to my hotel before I left Amman. Please be sure to send them my thanks.

Jordan is an exceptionally beautiful and welcoming country. More than the breathtaking scenery, I was overwhelmed by the very gracious and hospitable people. I have traveled extensively and nowhere in the world have I met such a kind, friendly, and helpful population. I will never forget the Jordanians.

Most of all, however, I must send my thanks for my driver, Mansour Mansour. No words will ever be able to express how incredibly polite, caring, welcoming, and generous he is. He made sure I saw the true Jordan and had everything planned and timed to make sure I was never too early and certainly never late in my arrivals. He knows many people and made sure I was very comfortable in any situation and was excellent company throughout the trip. Quite simply, he is an amazing man and, when I tell others about my trip, he will be a part of every story. Thank you again and again for making him part of my visit.

Finally, to you and your staff, many thanks for arranging such a fantastic tour on very short notice. All of my experiences were unforgettable, the accomodations were outstanding, and the overall experience was overwhelming.

Many thanks!

Terrence Crawford



Dear Rana

Sorry we missed you when we called into the office on Saturday, I just wanted to say very many thanks for all the arrangements you made for our recent trip to Jordan.

It was a great help having your staff meet us at the airport to help us with the visas, they were very polite and helpful and everything went smoothly with both our arrival and departure.

We really enjoyed our trips to Petra and Jerash, Nael was very polite and punctual and an excellent driver, we felt very safe and relaxed in his company.

Altogether we were very impressed with the service you gave us and would highly recommend you to any tourists wishing to visit Jordan. The country has a lot to offer visitors both with excellent historical sites and a very pleasant climate, plus a very good choice of first class hotels and last but not least the wonderful hospitality of the Jordanian people.

Kind Regards




Dear Mrs Bseiso,

Please accept our thanks for a most enjoyable visit to Jordan. Yann

and I had a fantastic time and are looking forward to sharing our photos and stories with friends and relatives. Tayseer proved to be a very professional and knowledgeable guide. His introduction to Jordan has left us looking forward to our next visit. We were very impressed at the level of service offered by your company and would not hesitate to recommend it.

Many thanks

Kerry Fleming



Dear Rana,

We enjoyed a lot our journey, your country and let me say that Jordan people is excellent

Your organization has been perfect and Hassan has been always very kind with us and he demonstrated that he knows perfectly his job. Please extend our congratulation and satisfaction to him.

If you need something from Catalunya or from my web page do not hesitate to contact me, with pleasure I will assist you

With all our best regards

Josep Maria, Anna, Jordi, Roser, Pili and Pere



Dear Rana,

Just a quick note to thank your team for a wonderful holiday. Hassan did an excellent job, which we appreciated very much. Also our "facilitator" in Aqaba and "Tiger" in Egypt were very good. Several of our friends have now expressed interest in visiting Jordan and we will recommend them to contact you.

I would have liked to have attached a photo of our group from Petra - but the file was too large for your server (2 MB). Is there any way in which you can receive such large attachments?

Thanks again,

Dr. Ian G. McKinley

Executive Consultant ISP

Nagra Hardstrasse 73

5430 Wettingen, Switzerland




Mandy & I wanted to write and express our delight with our recent trip to

Jordan. We had a fantastic holiday and it really surpassed our expectations.

This was made possible by a number of reasons, including the excellent

organisation both by yourself and your colleagues. with the itinerary and booking. However, the real star was Ahmed, who was a great driver and wonderful company for the duration of our stay. He really helped to make our visit memorable and was a constant source of useful information, not to mention some very bad jokes.

Thank you once again for your help in making our stay so special. We hope to come back soon.

Best wishes

Simon & Mandy

ps. Ahmed- I must go now, it's time for me to drink my milk.



Dear Rana,


This is to confirm that we have all arrived home safely and that our tour of Jordan was most definitely a success. We are all agreed that it was an excellent holiday. Everything went according to plan, thanks to it being so well organised by yourselves, people were friendly and helpful wherever we went, the weather was good, the food was good and the landscapes and sites we visited were stunning.

Our driver, Muhjeddin ("Deen"), deserves particular praise. As well as being a careful driver he also translated for us, recommended good places to eat, told us the history of various places and sites and was always helpful, courteous and friendly. He helped us feel safe and relaxed in Jordan.

Karen says, "I thought it was all organised extremely well, with Mo and Deen both offering amazing services - it was certainly the best way to make the most out of a visit to Jordan!"

I will certainly be telling people that Jordan is a good place to visit and recommending JDT to anyone considering visiting, because as well as the excellent service it's also such good value for money.

Thanks again for everything from all four of us. I've attached some pictures of some happy customers.

All the best,




Dear Rana,

It was nice talking to you on the last day in Jordan. We returned to Tehran full of unforgettable impressions from your country, and we want to express our gratitude for the services you and your people provided. This is further detailed in the enclosed document, which we hope you may find to be of value in your endeavours to provide excellent services also in the future!

On behalf of the group, thank you again

Harald Finnvik

General Manager

Statoil Iran AS



Hello Rana

Happy New Year to you!

I have not long got back from India and Nepal and sadly straight back into work!!

Thank you so much for all you did to make our short stay in Jordan so wonderful. It was so nice to meet Raed and Mo, terrific Gentlemen!

Rowan and I had a great time in Jordan, we really liked seeing Petra, - breathtaking and we were so lucky with the weather. I have wanted to see Petra for as long as I can remember and it was above expectations - a true wonder of the world.

It was great travelling with Raed and seeing Amman also, he made us most welcome and we learned a lot about Jordan in conversations with him, I hope to return again to your lovely country.

I will be recommending your company to as many people as I meet who want to see Jordan and will be posting my recommendations of your company to Lonely Planet (I will investigate to see if this is possible).

Hopefully we will be in contact again!

Thank you again for making the trip so great!

Best wishes to you all - thank you for the gift too!




Hi Rana,

Just wanted to say "Thank You" - we enjoyed our trip immensely, and were quite pleased with your services. Everything went very well, from airport arrival to departure, and the driver/guide you provided was excellent - adapting to our preferences and smoothing everything for a really great experience! We appreciate all you did for us, and wish you all the best.


Tom & Chalong Riley



Dear M. Bseiso,

I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for a delightful and worry free time in Jordan. I want to commend you specifically on your drivers. They were professional and friendly without being intrusive.

They were very ready to answer any questions, but did not convey needless information. They also had to drive through some very difficult situations. I was particularly thankful for your advice that I hire a driver instead of renting a car myself. The Al-Waleed Hotel was a joy -- and exactly the kind of hotel (small and family owned) that I requested. The Petra Palace was bigger than we like, but it was in a perfect location. We found Jordan a particularly friendly country and will certainly recommend your services to anyone considering a trip.

Thanks again.

James Conlon



Hello Rana !!

I will like to express how happy we were with the services that your company gave us I was able to see and compare to another companies and I realized that your company is one of the best or the best . I would like to mention your wonderful staff from Hassan, Ahmad that had an excelent attitude with tourist, and be sure that the name of Jordan Direct Tours will be highly recommended Thank You once again.

Ps: I found companies that offered tourist guide in my own language but I did prefer your staff they are the BEST !!!!