Um Qais Jordan at sunset

Unveiling Umm Qais

Unveiling Umm Qais: A Tapestry of Cultural Wonders and Off-the-Beaten Experiences

Seeking a unique experience to immerse yourself in Jordan’s local community and off-the-beaten paths? Umm Qais awaits as the perfect destination for a distinctive experience, allowing you to engage deeply with the vibrant local community during your stay. Discover the hidden gems and cultural richness that make Umm Qais an ideal and unforgettable destination in Jordan.
Get ready for a cool adventure beneath Umm Qais in the Roman water tunnel – it’s 424 meters long, connecting ancient Roman cities over 170 km. Before you dive into history, there’s a short movie to pump you up, followed by a guide showing you around the tunnel’s twists and turns, revealing how smart the Romans were. It’s not just reading about history; you literally step into it. Imagine walking where ancient folks lived, and these tunnels were like their water pipes! This trip isn’t a quick visit; it’s a fascinating journey into the past under Umm Qais, where every step feels like hearing echoes from a really long time ago, all under the awesome ruins.

While you are at Umm Qais, you can stop at Al Baraka Destination where you can have many experiences created in partnership with the local community to highlight their local culture. Here are the top-notch adventures that everyone is craving for:
• Olive Picking: Join the fun at Baraka Destinations for a day of picking olives! Imagine being in a sunny olive garden, surrounded by green trees. At Baraka, it’s not just work; it’s a happy time with nature. You get a basket, feel the smooth olives, and learn how people have been picking them for years. It’s an easy and enjoyable way to be part of Um Qais, connecting with nature and the community.

• Beekeeping & Honey Harvest: Get ready for a buzz-worthy time! it’s all about hanging out with bees and collecting honey! Imagine being surrounded by the sweet smell of flowers and busy bees. At Baraka, it’s not just about getting honey; it’s like discovering the cool world of bees. You wear a special suit, learn how bees do their dance, and find out how they turn flower juice into yummy honey. It’s a fun and hands-on adventure that lets you taste the goodness right from the hive. Bee excited for a sweet time in Um Qais!

• Basket Weaving: Get ready to weave unforgettable memories and carry home your handcrafted treasure! Explore the timeless art of transforming reeds into functional and beautiful baskets. This immersive escapade not only lets you craft something special but also connects you with local artisans.
If you are looking to immerse yourself with the local community and discover plenty of joyful experiences to do at Baraka Destinations during your stay with Jordan Direct, just get in touch with us! We’re here to make your adventure awesome!