A well-travelled bridge between sea and desert, east and west, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a land of mesmerizing beauty and contrasts, from the Jordan Valley, fertile, ever-changing, to the remote desert canyons, immense and still. Visitors can explore splendid desert castles, gaze in awe at the haunting wilderness of Wadi Rum, or bathe in the restful waters of the Red Sea. Travel with ease with us and get the best Jordan travel advice.
Jordan is also famed for its friendly inhabitants, for which the welcoming of visitors is a matter of national pride. Chances are, it will not take long until you are welcomed into the homes of complete strangers. Ask someone for directions, and they will probably drive you to your destination.
Tourism accounts for almost 20% of the GDP of Jordan, making it our most important resource, one which a very large portion of the population depends upon directly or indirectly.
These are some resources we are putting at your disposal in order for you to find out more about Jordan prior to your visit. Our tour consultants will also be at your service should you have any questions about our destination.