Jerash is situated in the north of Jordan, 45km north of the capital Amman; less than one hour’s drive through the picturesque hills of ancient Gilead. It is famous for the Triumphal Arch, the Hippodrome, the great elliptical forum, the theaters, baths and gateways, the Roman bridge and the wide street of columns that lead to the Temple of Artemis. The city has developed dramatically in the last 50 years, This is due to its strategic location in the heart of Jordan and because of the growth of its tourism industry. It is now the second-most popular touristic place in Jordan. It was hidden for centuries under the sand and then restored. Since 1981, the old city of Jerash hosts the famous Jerash Festival, a three week long summer program of dance, musical, and theatrical performances, where 3000 people can be seated in its South Theatre. Your stay will be truly enjoyable, accommodation of hotels is overwhelming and places to buy traditional handicrafts and souvenirs, in addition to having good meals in its street snacks.

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