Nightlife In Amman, Jordan

Nightlife in Amman has expanded a great deal over the last few years. With a growing number of new bars and clubs in the capital, you can enjoy a great night out with your friends!
As soon as the summer season starts again, bars and restaurants open their outdoor space and Amman is coming back to life. You will not get bored with the big variety of places to go to.

Check out a few of our recommended bars and gastropubs, and please don’t forget to book your table, especially during crowded weekends, and on Mondays, which are popular nights as well.

Blue Fig- Amman

Blue Fig

The integration of atmosphere, food, drink and cultural entertainment presents a new “café culture”. Blue Fig caters creatively to its clients all day as well as in the evenings and late nights, through its diverse line of entertainments, which may include Jazz nights, art exhibitions and talent shows. It offers a good variety of their signature freshly baked bread fusion dishes and salads. Blue Fig prices are a bit on the high side in comparison with other places, and the service might be a little slow.

  • Al-Ameer Hashem Bin Al-Hussein Street Abdoun Amman
  • +962 (06) 592 9191


Located on Rainbow Street, Books@Café is a great place to hang out. With a bookshop downstairs and a restaurant and bar above, you can enjoy simple but good food. During the summer, the courtyard is open and you can enjoy a drink outside with a great view over downtown Amman. The Cafe is decorated in ultra-modern colourful designs and it is a great spot to come for pre-or post-dinner drinks. Books@Café is a no-hate zone, as it is LGBTQ+ friendly community, a place where love wins!

  • Omar Ibn Al Khattab Street Jabal Amman
  • +962 (06) 465 0457

Cantaloupe Gastro Pub

Located in the old middle-class area of the first circle, it is a nice but relaxed outlet offering a wide choice of international cuisine in a casual but chic ambiance. It features a trendy layout and an amazing view over downtown and the citadel. Try one of the nice cocktails they offer and enjoy the 360-degree view!

Getting there might be a bit of a hassle when the traffic is bad, as the second and first circle areas are notorious for their slow-moving traffic.

  • Rainbow Street Jabal Amman
  • +962 (06) 465 6561

The Good Pub

Located in the Abdoun area, it is considered to be one of the most popular bars and pubs in Amman. It became popular for the quality of its clientele, reasonable prices, great food, good music, and a delightful atmosphere. Not as smoky as other bars. The bouncers at the door are sometimes unreasonable, and the place gets crazy busy on weekends, but no one’s perfect!

  • Abodoun, Salwad St. 27
  • +962 (0) 790 230 230

Iguana Rooftop

A place that shouldn’t be missed! Located right at the top of the new hip downtown of Amman, in the Abdali Boulevard, and offering a partial view of the area. The space in Iguana is nicely designed, and the bar keeps you going for more. Iguana Rooftop has managed to exceed its client’s expectations with the food they offer, which cannot be defined as “bar food”, but one which you’d expect from a high-end restaurant. Come here to see the beautiful people of Amman.

  • 1 Western Square, Black Iris Street, The Boulevard
  • +962 (0) 777 733 333

The Nub

Located in Al Shmeisani area, The Nub is the ideal place to chill and relax. During the winter, it is a regular indoor bar where you can challenge your friends by playing billiards, a game of darts or foosball. The summer season is when the Nub opens up to its beautiful outdoor garden with an upbeat atmosphere. Its clientele is on the young side.

  • Abdul Hamid Badis St.
  • +962 (0) 797 002 601

Murphy’s – House of Rock

A cozy Irish pub located in Um Uthaina, Murphy’s is popular among Rock music enthusiasts. Friendly staff and the best fresh beer in Amman will keep you coming back. The pub features local bands occasionally for live performances, and it also has a little chilled garden that opens during the summer. The indoor bar gets smoky, but they installed a retractable roof, that is opened occasionally to allow you to take a breath of fresh air!

  • The Conroy Boutique Hotel، Shatt Al-Arab St. 17
  • +962 (06) 464 7960

Kegs – House of Ale

Located near the third circle, a few blocks from the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Kegs is a laid-back pub during the weekdays and a lively place during the weekends. The place has a signature keg style and joyful atmosphere, with delicious food for all tastes including vegans. Clientele tends to be on the young side with lots of students and yuppies.

  • 3rd Circle, Hussein ben Ali Building 25
  • +962 (0) 775 669 933

The WET Deck – W Amman Hotel

Inspired by the Roman Theatre in downtown Amman, and offering astonishing views of western Amman, The WET Deck is the right place for a great outdoor summer night chill. With live DJ beats, tasty bites, and electrifying drinks. A bit more expensive than local bars, and you are less likely to get a generous shot of alcohol compared to places like chestnut.

  • Rafiq Al Hariri Ave 13, The Boulevard
  • +962 (06) 510 8888

Bierة Microbrewery

Biera is Amman’s first Brewpub, where traditional pub classics are served with a Jordanian twist. Aside from its modern design, Biera is a microbrewery where everything is brewed fresh. Frequented by expats, it has an unusual entrance that feels like an office building, but the 4th floor hides a lager secret.

  • Sweifieh, Ali Nassouh At-Taher St. 29
  • +962 (0) 770 828 181

Chestnut Pub

Located in one of the undisturbed corners of Jabal Amman, not far from the Jordan Intercontinental hotel, the Chestnut Pub is a place that attracts all kinds of people, young and old. It has a friendly-casual atmosphere, chances are you’ll definitely bump into someone you know there, every time. Chestnut filled a gap in the gastronomic dining market in Jordan, with a menu that satisfies everyone. The bar is dimly lit and its Saturday afternoon happy hour discounts on food and drinks attract a lot of western ammanies and expats. We did the maths and it actually comes out cheaper than eating at home!

  • Jabal Amman, Abu Salma Al-Khelal St.
  • +962 (0) 775 000 075

Champions Tavern

Being one of Amman’s oldest bars, this is an authentic tavern with relaxed pub-style ambience, Champions was designed to allow you to savour delicious American pub classics served by attentive, skilful, and friendly staff. Aside from the amazing cocktails, Champions Tavern is famous for serving some of the best burgers in town and its nachos are something to write home about.

  • Marriott Amman Hotel, Issam Al-Ajlouni St.
  • +962 (06) 560 7607

Pit Stop

Pit Stop is a modern take on the “sports bar”. It is not just a place to eat and drink, but also a place to watch a game and enjoy great live music. Pit Stop was the talk of the town thanks to its yummy Mango Pizza inspired from the Guimaras Island in the Philippines. The place is always crowded with both locals and tourists and features a busy brunch event on Saturdays. They occasionally feature live bands which might be playing a fusion of Arabic and western music.
Just below Pit stop is another popular outdoor lounge called Baba, which has a laid-back atmosphere and a few outdoor bars in a garden setting. It offers some of the best food in Amman.

  • Sameeh Al Shomali Street
  • +962 (0) 779 888 333

Off The Record ( OTR )

OTR is a modern bar and lounge, a very intimate jazz-like atmosphere. You can enjoy great food selection like their famous spicy rock shrimp, as well as a wide variety of cocktails and drinks. The place is open during the winter season only and is tiny in comparison with most pubs, hence the intimate atmosphere.

  • Red Rose Hotel, Um Uthaina
  • +962 (0) 778 405 888

District Rooftop

District is a rooftop bar, located in one of Amman’s oldest neighbourhoods, offering a panoramic view of the city, with a wonderful atmosphere. A very mellow indoor ambiance in the winter, and a spacious outdoor terrace in the summer. The staff in District is friendly, and they know what their crowd really wants; quality service and trendy vibes. This is a place where people go to be seen, so dress well if you plan on going there. It has a wide age range of clientele, you are more likely to see beautiful people here than in any other bar.

  • Shepherd Hotel rooftop, Jabal Amman
  • +962 (0) 770 017 517

La Calle

Located on Rainbow Street, this grungy bar is on 3 floors with a small terrace for the summertime. A good, laid back place to meet up with friends and have a drink or enjoy the football games they show on a daily basis. La Calle features a wide range of food & beverage recipes, though the quality of food is so-so. The bevvies might be a bit pricier in comparison with other places, but enjoying such a place with a dope DJ on the weekend is probably worth it!

  • Rainbow St., Jabal Amman
  • +962 (0)777 266 928

Living Room

Located at the second circle, the Living Room is just above Romero (both belong to the Romero Group) it’s a lovely place decorated in an antique style from Damascus and Beirut. The bar offers nice cocktails and the menu has a good variety from North American steaks, to fresh sushi and light snacks. The Living Room’s crowd is considered to be sophisticated and classy, and it is probably the most expensive bar in Amman, but given its unique ambiance, it is well worth it. It also features a sushi bar, and its rooftop (branded as The Loft) is open during summer and gets very busy.

  • 2nd Circle Jabal Amman
  • +962 (06) 464 4227

Dunia Rooftop

Located near the first circle, Amman oldest middle-class district, Dunia Rooftop is designed with vivid colours stimulated from the different cultures of the world, reflecting these cultures on the music they play and the food they serve. The place offers stunning views along with a one of a kind relaxed entertainment experience.

  • 1st Circle, Complex No 2, Al Farabi St 2
  • +962 (0) 797 506 070