Jordan Restaurants

Restaurants in Amman

Sufra restaurant


Sufra is located in one of the old streets of Amman. It offers authentic traditional Jordanian food, in a quiet and cozy atmosphere, with indoor and outdoor dinning.

  • Rainbow Street
  • +962 6 4611468
Reem ALbawadi- Amman

Reem Al Bawadi

A rather large traditional Arabic restaurant in a conventional Arabic setting, including a summer time Bedouin tent area.

  • Tla' Al-Ali
  • +962 6 551 5419
La capital at Four Seasons Hotel

La Capitale

An Elegant French Brasserie, located in Four Seasons Hotel. Designed by the award winning AvroKo, La Capitale offers a unique dinning experience, blending in modern and fashionable design. From signature Rotisserie to handcrafted cocktails, La Capitale menu is rich with authentic French brasserie food that satisfies every taste.

  • Four Seasons Hotel, Jabal Amman
  • +962 6 550 5555

Kan Zaman

An old farmhouse from the 19th century converted to a restaurant. Offers local and International dishes. You can find lots of handcraft shops there.

  • Yadoudeh, Airport Road
  • +962 6 4128393

Fakhr el Din

Located at the centre of the historic residential area of Amman, it is a converted old house redecorated into one of the classiest Arabic restaurants.

  • 2nd Circle, Jabal Amman
  • +962 6 4652399


A casual restaurant where you can enjoy a good plate of “al dente” pasta or Italian pizza with soft drinks only. They do not serve alcohol in this restaurant.

  • Mecca Street
  • +962 6 553 4558
Centro restaurant


Located in Central Amman, Centro is a contemporary Brasserie that is known for its friendly atmosphere and beautiful terrace.

  • 4th circle, Jabal Amman
  • +962 6 464 1020
Primal restaurant


First of its kind, Primal restaurant is based on the Paleo diet, it serves organic healthy and gluten-free food, and has many vegan & vegetarian options.

  • Abdoun
  • +962 7 88700111
Vinaigrette restaurant


A romantic Jazz and salad bar/restaurant that offers a great panoramic view of the city of Amman.

  • Al Qasr Howard Johnson Plaza hotel, Shmeisani
  • +962 6 5689671


A family run restaurant, Melograno offers authentic Italian food, excellent homemade pasta and a great selection of Italian wine. It is also one of the few smoke free restaurants in Jordan

  • Abdoun
  • +962 6 593 3303

Restaurants in Aqaba


Royal Yacht Club

Located by the seashore, it offers some of the best fresh seafood in Aqaba!

  • Aqaba
  • +962 3 2022404

Restaurants in Jerash


Green Valley

Located near the Graeco Roman city of Jerash; this roomy restaurant offers a large variety of Arabic food.

  • Jerash
  • +962 2 6350299

Restaurants in Madaba


Haret Jdoudnah

A very big family house converted to a restaurant. Offers Arabic dishes and pizzas. It has plenty of handcraft shops.

  • Madaba
  • +962 5 548650

Restaurants in Petra


The Cave Bar

A 1st century B.C. Nabatean “rest house” that once provided refreshments for merchants passing by. Today, its beautiful honey coloured columns and walls provide a uniquely authentic setting for good music and cool drinks with friends.

  • Petra Forum Hotel, Wadi Mousa
  • +962 3 2156266

Petra Basin

A very strategically situated restaurant in the centre of the rose-red city of Petra. Offers local and international buffet cuisine.

  • Wadi Mousa, Petra
  • +962 3 2156266

Restaurants in Umm Qais


Umm Qais Rest House

Situated at the top of a hill that overlooks the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan Valley. Offers a variety of Italian food as well as local and international buffet cuisine.

  • Um Qais
  • +962 3 2156266