Jordan Restaurants

Restaurants in Amman

Amman is no stranger to exceptional dining, with a plethora of restaurants that allow you to savour global delicacies. From authentic Jordanian cuisine to nouvelle cuisine, the city satisfies every culinary craving imaginable. Here are our top selections of Amman restaurants.

Sufra restaurant


Sufra is located in one of the oldest streets of Amman, in the middle-class area of Jabal Amman, and is considered as one of the first restaurants to serve a wide variety of traditional homemade dishes, served in a sophisticated, quiet and cozy atmosphere, with indoor and outdoor dining. The restaurant celebrates special diets as it is vegetarian friendly, offering vegan options, and Gluten-free options. The service is very attentive, kind, and remarkable, as every waiter welcomes you with a kind smile and serves you as quickly as possible. We recommend you try the traditional Jordanian dish ‘’Mansaf’’, or their unique chicken sajeyeh for an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to book ahead to avoid any disappointment. Dry restaurant

  • Rainbow Street
  • +962 6 4611468
Reem ALbawadi- Amman

Reem Al Bawadi

A rather large traditional Arabic restaurant in a conventional Arabic setting, with an attractive exterior and an interior designed with mural paintings, Bedouin-style couches, low tables, and a sunken brass/ copper platter in the centre of each table, in which food is served. Reem Al Bawadi is more of a traditional Jordanian restaurant than a fancy one, where the prices are reasonable, and the menu has plenty of tasty options of typical Middle Eastern food. Try their famous mixed grill or their tasty traditional Mansaf.  Dry restaurant

  • Mohammad Al Fayyad Al Assaf St 63, Tla' Al-Ali
  • +962 6 551 5419
La capital at Four Seasons Hotel

La Capitale

An elegant French Brasserie, located in the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel. The restaurant was designed by the award-winning AvroKo design firm. La Capitale’s Chef Alain Regnault imbueds modern flavours and flare while maintaining La Capitale’s tradition of classic French dishes. The signature dish is the Steak Frites; a flat iron steak served with crispy potatoes and Shallot sauce that should not be missed! La Capitale’s menu is rich with authentic French brasserie food that satisfies every taste. We recommend that you end your meal with the delicious Soufflé with Dolce ice cream, you won’t regret it!  Serves alcohol

  • Four Seasons Hotel, Jabal Amman
  • +962 6 550 5555


Craving seabass baked in a salt crust, vegetable moussaka and a salmon tabbouleh on the side? Tamara is the place for you! Designed with chic contrasting colours, Tamara is a dine-in restaurant featuring an exquisite take on Levantine cuisine with a modern touch. With its huge variety of dishes, we guarantee you a wonderful dining experience in a voguish ambience. Indulge in Levantine delicacies with freshly baked bread and divine seafood prepared right in front of you. At Tamara’s, the staff will always go out of their way to accommodate special dietary needs. Chefs are innovative, ingredients are garden-fresh, highly recommended! Serves Alcohol.

  • 5th Circle, St. Regis Hotel
  • +962 6 4000500 ext. 4477

Fakhr el Din

One of the finest restaurants in Amman, located at the centre of the historic residential area of Jabal Amman, Fakhr El-Din has earned its place among the most prestigious restaurants in the Jordanian capital for its location, ambience, quality of service, and its delectable cuisine. Fakhr El Din’s menu includes over a hundred choices of flavoursome dishes (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), using only the finest quality of fresh produce from the region with no imported nor processed ingredients. Their generous variety of appetizers makes you wonder where to start, while their succulent Aleppo Kabab will keep you coming back for more! Fakhr El-Din has a large clientele base consisting of several prominent figures, ranging from politicians and writers to actors and performers.  While in Amman, Fakhr El-Din is a must-try! Serves alcohol

  • 2nd Circle, Jabal Amman
  • +962 6 4652399


With its casual atmosphere, kids play area, and kids special dining area, Casereccio is the right place for a family meal. The menu is rich with Italian cuisine from appetizers, soups, pasta, pizzas, risotto, lasagne, and desserts. Do not expect to have an alcoholic drink, as Casereccio serves only soft drinks, fresh juices, and hot drinks.

  • Complex No. 111, Mecca Street
  • +962 6 553 4558


A contemporary Brasserie that is known for its welcoming, friendly ambience and beautiful terrace. Centro is the right choice for a business dinner, a family/ friends lunch, or a weekend brunch. The place offers a variety of international options that include vegetarian and vegan dishes, and if you are craving pork and find difficulty in finding a place that serves it right, then Centro is your place. Enjoy Centro’s Crab Cake Benedict in its cozy atmosphere away from the hullabaloo of Amman.  Serves alcohol

  • Sa'd Jum'ah St 16, 4th Circle, Jabal Amman
  • +962 6 464 1020

Tawaheen Al Hawa (Windmills)

Located in a lively neighbourhood in Amman, Tawaheen Al Hawa lets you enjoy an authentic experience with its distinctive Arabian setting and friendly staff. It’s not hard to tell that this is a local favourite for a meal with friends or special occasions like birthdays, business entertaining, etc. The place has comfortable looking chairs and benches with scattered cushions in vivid colours. Inside is spacious with an outdoor space to sit to go along with a fountain spurting in the middle of the space. It’s definitely an open-air, sit and relax restaurant. The hot freshly baked pita bread and assorted cold mezze around sizzling barbecued lamb and rice is a true gastronomic delight for a good value for your money given the excellent service and the good presentation they offer. If you are looking for a typical meal in a cosy atmosphere, then don’t miss Tawaheen Al Hawa in Amman! Dry restaurant (does not serve alcohol)

  • Wasfi At-Tall St.
  • +962 534 9986


Perched on the tranquil air over the city of Amman, and offering a spectacular panoramic view of the Jordanian capital, Vinaigrette is one of the best rooftop restaurants/ bars in town. Comfortable warm and slick décor combined with friendly service and international delicacies, Vinaigrette has a different aura that will make you visit it more than once. With a live Sushi station, adjoining bars to seat guests, and a variant menu that includes Japanese cuisine along with other global options. You can start with the classic Caesar Salad or the tasty Exotic Salad, and then indulge yourself in the amazing Grilled Black Tiger Shrimp served with lemon garlic sauce. The Sushi menu has countless selections of soups, salads, Sashimi, Gunkan, Makimono, Futomaki, and Temaki. Serves alcohol

  • Al Qasr Howard Johnson Plaza hotel, Shmeisani
  • +962 6 5689671

Jordan Heritage

Celebrating the diversity and richness of the Jordanian heritage with its distinct savoury dishes, originated from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds! This place is a true sanctuary of pure Jordanian hospitality, culture, cuisine, and beauty. It has a warm atmosphere, authentic music and furniture, excellent service and a great variety of flavours and dishes originated from different Jordanian governorates. This is the real Jordanian vibe at the highest standards! JHR menus have detailed descriptions of all their dish selections, waiter’s recommendations are excellent too, so be brave to try new things and don’t miss on their deserts! Starting with the Makmourah from Irbid North Jordan, to Kushna/Kushneh from Aqaba Soth Jordan, and including the traditional Jordanian Mansaf and Maqloubah, JHR truly covers every Jordanian dish in the history of the kingdom. It’s also good to know that JHR supports women-owned small businesses as they source all their ingredients from home-based micro-enterprises, so you’re eating here for a good cause! Also, the prices are moderate and reasonable for ample portions served. Come to enjoy a calm evening at their terrace, your mood will definitely be enhanced by the smell of the surrounding herb garden! Dry restaurant (does not serve alcohol)

  • Complex No 11, Al-Farazdaq St. 11, Jabal Amman
  • +962 7 7773 3033


Featuring excellent Levantine cuisine with an Armenian twist all in an international atmosphere, come here to enjoy their diverse Mezze, Pomelo salad, and main entrees including mixed grills, beef shawarma and kebabs. All are presented well and taste to perfection. Levant offers a memorable experience that will keep you coming back for more! Starting with their smooth and comfortable environment, to their excellent and attentive service that made Levant one of the most reputable restaurants in the region. It is absolutely a Vegetarian-friendly restaurant that offers a great diversity of options that satisfies every taste. Serves Alcohol.

  • Methqal Al Fayez St., 3rd Circle.
  • +962 7 9660 9000


Located on the first floor of the Fairmont Hotel, Nur restaurant takes your favourite classic Lebanese flavours to a whole new level, creating vibrant and bold dishes with a tempting presentation that you will not be able to resist! From the moment you walk in, up until you leave, you will experience nothing less than 5 stars’ service. At Nur, you will discover the true taste of Lebanon, indulging in a journey of flavours from the mountains of Arz to the streets of Beirut. A wide variety of Lebanese/ Mediterranean dishes is prepared using the best ingredients along with the magical Lebanese touch of the Chef. You must try their kubbeh neyyeh, shrimp fetteh, and mixed grill platter. Every Thursday during lunchtime and every Friday during dinner time, you will be able to dine at Nur while enjoying their special live entertainment. Serves Alcohol.

  • 5th Circle, 6 Beirut Str., Fairmont Amman Hotel.
  • +962 6 510 6000


A family-run restaurant, Melograno has become little Italy in Amman! Offering authentic Italian cuisine, homemade pasta, and fresh seafood dishes, all made with love and passion. The place has a cozy and fresh atmosphere with a relaxed feel to it, yet it is elegant enough to wear your pearls. Start with Melograno’s famous fresh Salmon salad dressed with orange vinaigrette, and dive into one of their exquisite main dishesWe recommend you try their delicious Spaghetti Neri Alle Vongole; homemade black spaghetti with clams, and then lose yourself with the amazing Tortino Al Chocolato. At Melograno, you’ll be saying “Mmm” for every dish you try!  Serves alcohol

  • Building #44, Omar Bin Ekremah St, Abdoun.
  • +962 6 593 3303

Cinco De Mayo

Discover the true taste of Mexico at Cino De Mayo Mexican dining. Their delicious mojitos and sizzling fajitas are prepared under the auspices of talented chefs that will definitely take you on a journey of flavours to the streets of Cancún. Their menu will satisfy all the tastes as they have something delicious for everyone! Don’t miss the chicken quesadillas and well-spiced beef fajitas. Cinco de Mayo is not the most suitable choice for a family with young kids or toddlers, as most of its clients are smokers, and the food is spicy due to its nature. However, it is an excellent choice for couples, groups of friends, or just for drinks. During warm days, you can enjoy sitting outside on the huge terrace overlooking Amman. If you are looking to spend a truly special evening in Amman, don’t hesitate to try our favourite Mexican restaurant in town! Serves Alcohol.

  • Intercontinental Jordan Hotel, Jabal Amman.
  • +962 6 464 1361

Restaurants in Aqaba

While you’re enjoying the sun & fun at the only coastal city in Jordan, here are some selected restaurants that will please your appetite. From traditional Jordanian dishes to International cuisine, our top picks share the warm Jordanian hospitality and the Yummy factor!



The perfect place for a romantic dinner and the best haven from a busy day, Romero’s location by the seashore has given it a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. You must try their Mushroom Risotto and Sayadiyeh with Nagel fish, and end your meal with the yummy Tiramisu. The lovely outdoor terrace overlooking the yachts can be the perfect spot for a romantic dinner. Serves alcohol.

  • Royal Yacht Club
  • +962 3 2022404

Sushi Corner

The finest ingredients in one place! Sushi Corner is the best Sushi place in Aqaba, where the menu is focused on fresh seafood and diverse dishes with its Japanese and Eastern flare. From standard Sushi rolls to salads, nigari and Sashimi, Chef Ali “The Sushi Master’’ amazes every guest with his warm welcome and delicious dishes. Although Sushi Corner does not serve alcohol, they allow their guests to bring their drinks without corkage fees.

  • Aqaba Gateway Complex - King Hussein Street
  • +962 78 184 1218

Al Shinawi Restaurant

A place that should be on your top 3 restaurants in Aqaba city, Al Shinawi offers some of the best Middle Eastern food. Starting with Hummus, some Fatoush, Beef Sajyeh and ending your main meal with the star of the show, the Shrimp Fukharah. All dishes are presented in a neat setting with a pure Arabian ambience.  For dessert or the sweet ending, we recommend the local dessert “Houh’’, kind of like layered crepes stuffed with raisins, coconut, and Pistachios, a sweet to die for indeed! Dry restaurant (does not serve alcohol).

  • Al Nahdah Street
  • +962 77 900 1960

Mirwas Cafe & Restaurant

Located at the Royal Yacht Club in Aqaba, Mirwas is a reasonably priced café & restaurant that is beautifully designed with modern and colourful furniture. The amazing scenery of the Red Sea adds to its relaxing ambience. With an excellent Sea Food menu that also includes Pasta, pizzas, salads, tasty appetizers, and not to forget the fantastic Mirwas fish soup, and the best Denis fish you will ever try! Mirwas’s staff welcomes and serves every guest with a warm smile, leaving you no choice but to feel that you are in the right place. Dry Restaurant (does not serve alcohol)

  • Royal Yacht Club
  • +962 79 979 9988

Kubba Levantin

A sophisticated, chic, and elegant restaurant located in Al Manara Luxury hotel, Kubba Levantine is the best choice in Aqaba for luxury dining under the Aqaba stars. Experience the taste of dynamic Levantine cuisine that celebrates local produce and traditional Middle Eastern flavours. The menu is so rich that you will not know what to start with, so we recommend you start with the excellent kubbeh with hibiscus sauce and the terrific tabbouleh made with spinach and pomegranate seeds, then continue with the main dish of their phenomenal traditional Sayadieh, and end your meal with the best sage creek brulee or fondant au chocolat! This refined place requires a smart casual outfit, and is considered as the high-end restaurant in Aqaba. Serves alcohol.

  • Al Manara Luxury Hotel Saraya Aqaba- King Hussein Street
  • +962 3 202 1000

Ali Baba

One of the oldest places in Aqaba that still pulls in the tourist crowd. As old as it is, it would not be so surprising to hear that Lawrence of Arabia once hitched his camel outside to take his lunch! An iconic place that is located perfectly in the centre of Aqaba. While dining at Ali Baba, you will have two ways to go with their menu; either choose the traditional Jordanian dishes and enjoy an endless stream of mezze such as their delicious grilled halloumi, fattoush with just a zing of sumac, and fresh hummus or make use of the fact that you are on the water and order the catch of the day! The place has two stories, with an outdoor vintage seating area, and is exceptionally clean. Serves alcohol.

  • Raghadan St., Town centre
  • +962 79 510 4141

Rovers Return

An English pub located in the heart of Aqaba, Rovers Return was inspired by the famous soap opera ‘’Coronation Street” and has branched out in Jordan in three major locations; Amman, Dead Sea, and Aqaba. Rovers Return has a nice chill and laid back vibe with a good range of drinks and food in the English pub menu. The pub encapsulates all things British and is the best place to go to have a heart-warming meal and a cold beer with friends while enjoying a great conversation. The signature dish here is the Famous Fish n’ Chips, which comes in generous portions as all their plates (better be called platters!). The indoor area can get smoky, but you have the option to enjoy their beautiful outdoor terrace. Serves alcohol.

  • The Gateway Complex, King Hussein St.
  • +962 3 203 2030

Burj Al Hamam

A fine dining restaurant located in InterContinental Aqaba Resort, offering authentic home-cooked Lebanese dishes. Burj Al Hamam has mastered the art of Lebanese cuisine with its wide range of meze, traditional dishes, and fresh seafood for over 40 years now. With indoor & outdoor seating, along with its professional and hospitable team, Burj Al Hamam is a must-try for every visitor to Aqaba. The signature meal is the Lamb shoulder baked in salt crust; slow-cooked for six hours, served with oriental rice, grilled potato, vegetable and cucumber yoghurt, it is definitely worth booking one day ahead! The restaurant’s ambience is cozy and relaxing, allowing you to enjoy a good time with an exceptional meal. Serves alcohol.

  • InterContinental Aqaba Resort - King Hussein Street
  • +962 3 209 2222

Northern Jordan Restaurants 

After touring the Greco-Roman city that has been inhabited since the Bronze age, or visiting the town of fertile highlands and the historical castle of Ajloun, we know that you will be looking for a decent meal and a timeless atmosphere to go along with such a touring day, so we have chosen for you the best places that will suit all tastes.


Green Valley – Jerash

Located near the Graeco Roman city of Jerash, this roomy restaurant is popular with both locals and tourists. Green Valley’s big seating areas and large tables make it a suitable place for large groups and families with kids. The fountains give the place a very relaxing ambience. Fresh and delicious bread is baked in a rustic stone oven, served with delicious mezze and mixed grill. As for desserts, if you’re lucky you will find the seasonal hit of Oreo and Arabic ice creams. Green valley is considered to be a good place for a meal after a long day of sightseeing, but do not expect a menu in English, and you will have to keep on asking about the prices. Don’t be surprised when you get a handwritten bill! Does not serve alcohol.

  • Old Amman Road, Jerash
  • +962 2 6350299

Lebanese House/ Um Khalil Restaurant – Jerash

Established in 1977 in the historical city of Jerash, Lebanese House was founded by a Lebanese lady named Antoinette Saliba, who was known to the Jordanian people as Um Khalil. This place has attracted eminent, famous, and historical figures from all over the globe, like Nelson Mandela. The grand exterior of Lebanese House gives it a palatial atmosphere, while its interior creates an elegant dining environment. The menu here is considered extensive, including a wide variety of international cuisine as well as local delicacies. Meze options are extremely popular, incorporating beetroot, spinach, falafel, bean dishes, soups, salads, vegetables and lamb. As a finish, you will find yourself indulged in one of Um Khalil’s tempting desserts or pastries, all homemade, sweet. It is a guaranteed fact that you will be spoiled for choice whatever your taste. Serves alcohol.

  • Debbin Street, Jerash
  • +962 7 7999 9400

Ya Hala – Jerash

Located in the heart of Jerash, Ya Hala has been welcoming guests for over 40 years now. With its vintage exterior, interesting interior, and wonderful outdoor seating area surrounded by trees, and fountains, Ya Hala is known for its warm welcome, generosity, cozy and mesmerizing atmosphere. The place offers a kids’ area that your children can enjoy. It also has many fountains and one pond with 6 to 7 ducks swimming around! The prices are fair, and the menu has a good variety, but don’t let that tempt you to order Pizza. Our recommended meal is the mixed BBQ, or the delicious grilled chicken with lemon sauce. Do not order alcohol here unless you want it to be served in a tea pot! Serves Alcohol.

  • Jerash
  • +962 2 635 1700

Artemis – Jerash

One of the very limited lunch options, ideally located on the side of the valley near the ruins of Jerash with marvellous views. Artemis is listed on the Lonely Planet’s guide and is famous for its fresh bread piped from the stone oven that is placed by the entrance. As you enter, you might feel a bit hesitant to go in if you see all the tourist busses dropping off guests, but be sure that the service will still be rapid, and the food quality will remain superb. An open Arabic, sumptuous buffet is available with a great diversity of options; fresh salads, dips, veggies, meats and chicken. Drinks and water are charged separately from the buffet’s price, and you also have the option to order from a menu. Does not serve alcohol.

  • Jerash
  • +962 2 6350299

Tal Al Rumman – Jerash

With its exceptional location set in a picturesque view of nature, halfway between Amman & Jerash, Tal Al Rumman has managed to be one of the must-visit places in Jordan. It offers magnificent panoramic views of As-Salt and Ajloun, with outdoor seating that can cater to 800 guests and an indoor space that hosts up to 600 visitors. Tal Al Rumman is a group of five restaurants that serve different menus, but they all represent Jordan’s traditions. The interiors of the place including its tables, chairs, as well as dishes on which food is served are all made of mango wood. All soups here are super delicious, served in a bread bowl, while the salads are all fresh, and the main courses are exquisite! Tal Al Rumman is the place where extraordinary cuisine meets unmatched views. Does not serve alcohol.

  • Jerash Road, Tal Al Rumman Heights
  • +96 2 6532 0444

Khayl and Layl – Jerash

Located just off the main road between Amman & Jerash, Khayl and Layl is the perfect stop after exploring the many sites in North Jordan. Khayl & Layl’s property is enormous and almost has a Disney Land feel to it. The place consists of extensive facilities with multiple level seating (indoor & outdoor), outstanding entertainment of the evening horse show, amusement activities for kids, and you can usually book a 12 minutes’ helicopter tour that starts and ends there. The food is served in family style; plentiful fresh salads, fresh pita bread, hummus and other dips besides your choice of the main dish such as the well spiced lamb kebab or the moist grilled chicken.  Does not serve alcohol.

  • Off Jerash highway
  • +962 79 110 0600

Restaurants in Madaba

Known as “the city of mosaics”, Madaba is located close to Mount Nebo and the Baptism Site on the River Jordan. Home to the oldest map of the Holy Land in existence, this is a place of religious importance, eternally connected to the Christian faith, and of timeless appeal to travellers. Madaba is also home to some food and drink. To help you get the most out of your visit, we’ve put our heads together to come up with some recommendations. Keep reading to find out more!

Haret Jdoudna

This is a special place in Madaba, as much of a landmark as it is a restaurant. Originally an ancient house, it was rebuilt by Ibrahim Jumean, Madaba’s first mayor. Between 1905 and 2000 his family lived in the house, before converting it into a cultural centre. It’s now an oasis within the bustling centre of Madaba, offering traditional food, regular entertainment, and local crafts. The menu is inspired by classic Levantine cuisine with mezze and charcoal grill options and whilst not the cheapest option, it has character by the bucketload. Alcohol is served here.

  • King Talal St., Madaba
  • +962 5 548650

Adonis Restaurant

Located next to the Church of St. John the Baptist in the heart of Madaba, Adonis Restaurant & Café is another great option for those seeking local food and entertainment. Like Haret Jdoudna, this restaurant is situated within an ancient house, lending it a rustic ambience. The food is both Middle Eastern and International, offering everything from fettuccini to shish tawouk. Adonis Restaurant & Café also serves a wide range of alcohol at low prices (by Jordanian standards). A glass of local wine costs 5JOD whilst cocktails range between 6JOD and 8JOD.

  • Prs. Haya St., Madaba
  • +962 5 325 1771

Jaw Zaman

Jaw Zaman richly deserves its reputation as one of Jordan’s best restaurants. Located in the centre of Madaba next to the Church of the Martyrs (Holy Land Mosaic), this small venue packs in the charm and is listed as Trip Advisor’s no.1 restaurant in Madaba. Often hosting live performances, it is as much known for its jazz music as it is for the amazing food. The food is largely locally inspired and great care is taken to ensure ingredients are fresh. Unusually for Jordan, Jaw Zaman offers a range of seafood, of which the shrimp is a particularly popular choice. In keeping with the long Christian history of the surrounding town, Jaw Zaman serves a wide range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Of these, we recommend experiencing the local culture by sampling the homemade wines.

  • Al Husain Bin Ali St., Madaba.
  • +962 79 008 3436

Aswar Madaba

Located in the heart of the city, Aswar Madaba is another great option for dining in Madaba. Whilst prices here are slightly higher than average, the cost more than aligns with the food and attentive service. This is a larger restaurant, offering predominately Levantine cuisine. Expect great salads, mezze, and clay pot dishes alongside Jordanian classics such as Mansaf. For dessert, we recommend trying the Umm Ali Pudding. Aswar Madaba serves a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Maysaloon St., Madaba
  • +962 5 324 6363

Abbey Road

Abbey Road is a restaurant popular among the locals. Taking its name not from the Beatles album but from its central location on the road leading to the St. John the Baptist Abbey, the menu here is varied. Abbey Road offers both Arabic and Western-inspired food, making it an ideal choice for groups with mixed tastes and preferences. We recommend the pizza, chicken Musakhan and thyme and cheese pie. Prices at Abbey Road are reasonable, and on evenings there is often live music. This restaurant serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

  • Al Hashimi, Madaba
  • +962 5 324 1515

Restaurants in Petra

Trekking between Petra’s many tombs, caves and temples is tiring work. Fortunately, however, whilst the landscape is barren and dry, the local hospitality is anything but. Take a look at some of our recommendations for food and drink in and around Petra.

The Cave Bar

Attached to the Petra Guest House Hotel, ‘The Cave Bar’ is a truly unique (and award-winning) option for food and drink in the rose-red city. This is the oldest bar in the world, situated in an ancient Nabatean tomb. Famed for its cocktails, it has been known to stay open until 4 am on busy summer nights, thus making it perhaps the last living example of Greco-Roman indulgence in Petra. Whilst the drinks are legendary, The Cave Bar’s position right at the entrance to Petra makes it an ideal location to stop for food. The menu is well regarded, pairing classic Arabic options such as stuffed chicken breast with Western favourites such as apple pie. Whatever the palate, The Cave Bar provides. Whilst prices are on the high end, this is a unique location and the only standalone bar in Petra. Following a long day trekking in Petra, travellers have long sought the respite offered by The Cave Bar. We can’t see this ending anytime soon!

  • Petra Guest House Hotel, Wadi Mousa
  • +962 3 2156266

Petra Basin

Located at the heart of Petra, the Basin offers its guests an upmarket dining experience surrounded by the ancient city. Managed by the Crowne Plaza, The Basin is open during Petra’s open hours, and is thus not a late-night venue. However, positioned at the foot of longer treks to The Monastery and Place of High Sacrifice it is the perfect pit stop for travellers weary after the long trek from the visitor centre. The cuisine at the Basin is both international and local, well suited to the diverse range of travellers attracted to Petra. Service here is casual, and food can be ordered either a la carte or via the popular buffet. Alcohol is served, but at a high price.

  • Wadi Mousa, Petra
  • +962 3 2156266

Al Qantarah

Located a five-minute walk from the Petra visitor centre, Al Qantarah is an expansive restaurant that serves simple but satisfying Jordanian food. Suited well to large groups, the large buffet offers robust flavours and the opportunity to refuel after a long day trekking in Petra. Al Qantarah does not serve alcohol.

  • Tourism Street, Petra
  • +962 79 564 5707

My Mom’s Recipe

For an authentic experience of Jordan and Bedouin cuisine, look no further than ‘My Mom’s Recipie’. Famed for its warm service, this is one of the few restaurants that serves Mansaf (the Jordanian national dish which is more commonly eaten in private homes). The dining tent is decorated traditionally, and with wide views over Petra’s mountains, the location is spectacular. Guests can order a la carte or choose from the buffet, but ‘My Mom’s Recipe’ does not serve alcohol.

  • Tourism Street, Wadi Mousa
  • +962 77 065 2779

Restaurants in Umm Qais


Umm Qais Rest House

Situated at the top of a hill that overlooks the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan Valley. Offers a variety of Italian food as well as local and international buffet cuisine.

  • Um Qais
  • +962 3 2156266