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Our Amman travel agency services include customised independent sightseeing tours that include accommodation at hotels of your choice. We also offer guaranteed departure, small group tours that run on specific days of the week.

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As a Jordan tour operator, all of our tours showcase Jordan's amazing sites and rich history; the Rose-red city of Petra, the magnificent desert of Wadi Rum, Jerash; the best preserved Roman city in the world, and the Dead Sea; the lowest point on the surface of the earth and its largest natural spa are just a few examples of our tours to Jordan.

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Moreover, you can be assured of the added value of booking with Jordan Direct Tours ( ; as a wholesale Amman travel agency company, we command the most competitive Jordan hotel rates which are not usually available to the public, and we pass these savings on to you.
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As a Jordan based travel company and inbound tour operator, we know our country in a way that only a local can; our highly trained staff knows our country inside out and is updated on all her sites and venues, they will help you experience its world class sites such as the new 7th wonder of the world, Petra.
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We can show you some off the beaten path gems, and get you acquainted with the people of Jordan, who are easily some of the friendliest on earth. No matter what your vision of travel is, we will help you accomplish it. We are passionate about our country and we wish to convey this passion to you, the traveller. Read more


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“And the Oscar goes to…”

Jordan's safe urban centers are currently standing in for Baghdad, Beirut, and other fascinating and outlandish locations like Mars amongst others, so much so that there were three Oscar-nominated films this year that were shot in the Wadi Rum region of Jordan; "Theeb", "A War" and "The Martian". This is a clear indication of how visually attractive Jordan is.

Speaking of ‘Theeb’, The film premiered in the Horizons section at the 71st Venice International Film Festival on 4 September 2014, where Mr. Abu Nowar won the award for Best Director. At the 69th British Academy Film Awards, Theeb was nominated for Best Film Not in the English Language, where the directors also won the prize of Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer.   "We got a 10-minute standing ovation," said director and co-writer Naji Abu Nowar, who won for best director in the "Orrizonti" (Horizons) category in Venice.

“The Bedouins are famed for their stiff upper lipped culture, and you never see anyone cry, not even the children ... and to see tears coming down their faces [during the premiere] was a really powerful moment," he said, speaking from the Palm Springs International Film Festival, a last pre-Oscar opportunity to promote foreign films

The film’s producers collaborated with the Bedouin tribes to ensure the authentic depiction of life in the region. The cast was entirely formed from the local tribesmen of these communities, who have lived in the area for hundreds of years, after they were engaged in acting workshops in the eight months prior to principal photography.

The actors have since resumed their lives in Shakriyeh, a small Bedouin village nestled among striking rock formations rising from the desert floor of Wadi Rum.

Being the first submission ever from Jordan to the Academy for consideration for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 88th Academy Awards, it competed with 81 other submissions from countries all over the world. The list was then slowly sifted by the Academy members to 9 submissions, 5 of which are actually nominated for an Oscar.

So What are the chances?   Theeb had been heralded as the biggest surprise of the five films and a first Oscar nomination for the small Jordanian film industry - though the director is British-born and educated. More than one reviewer and critic has pointed out the adventure has the feel of a western. The striking locations do evoke the imagination. The central performance is absolutely engaging. Theeb is in to win.

Hassan Maraaiah and Jacir Eid, who played the titular characters, have travelled to the US on Thursday morning to attend the Oscars ceremony, where they hope the film will clinch the award for best foreign language picture. And like others in the film industry, they have already thought about what to wear for the big night — black robes, the Bedouin version of formal attire, instead of the beige ones for every day, said Jacir's father.




Now you can have a taste of the Rose red city before your visit to Jordan, thanks to Google.
A professionally narrated street view tour of Petra is available here
If you would like to know more of the ancient site, you can also watch a video narrated by no other than Queen Rania of Jordan, by visiting this link:
Youtube Jordan
Of course the best thing you can do, is to get off your chair and come visit for yourself, everyone raves about Jordan, the friendliness of its people and the quality of its sites and infrastructure, please contact us today to see how little it would cost.

Picture this- a country that is within a 4 hour flight from most of mainland Europe, with nothing short of spectacular scenery, friendly people, excellent infrastructure and awe inspiring sites, such a Petra, the new 7th world wonder. This is a country that is full of mystique, one which has kept true to its heritage while embracing a relaxed, moderate policy and a cosmopolitan feel. You would think that a boutique country such as this would be a top MICE destination, but the fact remains that it is till one of the world’s last undiscovered gems. Jordan has it all, and the good news is that there has never been a better time to visit. Jordan is very well represented by most of the international hotel chains, which are virtually all there, such as the Four Seasons, Kempinski, Sheraton, Intercontinental, Mövenpick amongst others. Many of these hotels have excellent meeting and conference facilities. Moreover, some were built in the traditional style, which makes them even more interesting, though what makes these properties most enticing is the fact that many are located next to some striking natural and man made wonders. For example there’s the US$ 280 million Ishtar Kempinski resort at the Dead Sea, which is about to open within its grounds the largest Spa in the Levant (the Dead Sea in itself is the world’s largest natural spa, rich in minerals and 400 meters below sea level!) Another seaside destination is Aqaba on the Red Sea, with its 330 days of sunshine a year and its pristine corals. Aqaba has a much more exclusive feel than the Egyptian Red Sea and is located only 140 km from Petra, the 7th world wonder, and 60 km from Wadi Rum, the most picturesque desert in the world. Jordan also boasts Roman sites, such as the best preserved Graeco-Roman city in the world, Jerash, where you can still experience life as it was 2000 years ago thanks to the Roman Army and Chariot Experience (RACE); a Roman show that can be organised exclusively for incentives (the choreography of the fighting scenes and uniforms are all historically correct- the organisers used the same firm who advised the Hollywood blockbuster, Gladiator). What makes this destination even more suitable is its stability, the genuine friendliness of its people, and the fact that its currency is pegged to the US dollar, which makes it excellent value for money. Tourism to Jordan has increased by over 120% over the past two years, but it is not yet a mainstream destination. Come and experience this true hidden gem before the secret gets out!

Aqaba is located at the south of Jordan, and being a junction area between three continents; Asia, Africa and Europe, makes it a meeting point for the birds migratory pathways where millions of migrating birds cross over the country and Aqaba twice a year. (ABO) or the Aqaba Bird Observatory was founded in 2008 and is Jordan's first observatory for birds. ABO provides a "refueling" station for the rare birds and even some endangered species in the form of forest habitats or wetland habitats where visitors may enjoy bird watching.

International tourism to Jordan has seen a marked and steady increase over the past few years. After all, Jordan ‘has it all’ when it comes to tourism sites and infrastructure; Petra was designated a new 7th wonder of the world and the Dead Sea is a finalist for the 7 wonders of the natural world competition. Although Jordan has seen some demonstrations demanding reform recently, these have been peaceful. Moreover, the people of Jordan have realised that there was no better person to oversee this reform than King Abdullah himself. All the recent demonstrations by those who were previously considered opposition groups have featured posters of our King! There is really no reason why you should not visit Jordan, as life is completely normal and we are having a brisk tourist season.