The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, 392m (1286ft) below sea level. People from all around the world seek to visit the Dead Sea for all the advantages that it presents. Its climate attracts tourists to it and they tend to get in direct touch with its minerals that refreshes their bodies, soul and whole life. Its water rich with salt is the kind of which where even the people who don’t know how to swim can float freely; it is the globe’s saltiest natural lake, with an average salinity of 280 grams per kilogram compared with the normal ocean’s average of 35 grams. It is such a wonderful place to enjoy a great vacation and gift yourself the sensation of relaxation and comfort. The therapeutic and cosmetic treatments involve the naturally black mud that treats your body tenderly to give it the best shape. The Dead Sea region is resided by many hotels and Natural Spas offering you a pleasant stay rich with care hospitality and provide you with the best treatments, along with many enjoyable sea activities. The Dead Sea is even popular for its medical treatments for arthritic and rheumatic that are treated by Balneotherapy and by Thalassotherapy, and for sure in addition to the massages and physio-therapeutical application. Depression and hypertension are also treated by Climatotherapy and by Heliotherapy…You cannot miss a satisfying stay in the Dead Sea, it has cures to your body, soul and mind.

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