The lovely Hammamat Ma’in is another favoured spot with a hot waterfall, thermal mineral springs and a full complement of resort facilities. It lies southwest of Madaba, 60 Km from Amman. People have gone there for thermal treatments-or simply to enjoy a hot soak-since the days of Rome. What better way to end a day immersed in history than in a wonderful, naturally warm bath! If you are in search of a bit of adventure you can take a guided hike down to the Dead Sea through pools of hot water!

Where do Ma’in hot waters come from?

Jordan lies on the active north-south trending Dead Sea Rift. For this reason, it is a place of intense geothermal activity. Thermal springs are very common, especially where the aquifers is closest to the rift. The Ma’in hot springs originate from these phenomena. Before discharging into the Zarqa River, the winter rains on the Jordanian highlands flow near lava fissures and heat up, reaching temperatures of up to 63 degrees Celsius. The Ma’in area contains about 109 hot and cold springs. The famous Ma’in hot spring has an average temperature of 45 degrees Celsius making it a perfect thermal retreatment place.

A Wellness Center known since Ancient Times

The inhabitants of the region have availed of the thermal waters for centuries. Among the famous historical characters that enjoyed the healing waters of Ma’in, Herod the Great, the Roman client king of Judea at the time of Jesus. From his sumptuous palace in the nearby resort of Muqawir, Herod used to go down to Ma’In hot springs to cure his psoriasis and rheumatic pains. Ma’in is considered an important therapeutic centre until today. Along with Jordanians, tourists from all over the world seek here for treatment of various physical ailments.

Sauna Caves and Hot Pools

Relax your body and soul at the top-level facilities of Ma’in Hot Spring spa. Awarded the best environmental building in Jordan in 2007, the spa hosts four gorgeous swimming pools with cooled-down water from thermal springs; a waterfall cascade descends in a natural thermal pool and natural sauna caves. The thermal waters in the pools are rich in healing elements that provide revitalizing energy to the guests. From the pools, you can also enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature, with sparrow birds and eagles performing in the sky.

Cosmetic and Health Treatments

The spa offers a rich set of wellness treatments options including Dead Sea body wrap, Dead Sea salt body polish, Swedish massage, mud wraps, water jet baths and showers, underwater massages, mud facials and electrotherapy.


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