The unforgettable beauty of Wadi Rum  

Lawrence of Arabia, who had established here one of his bases in the Arab Revolt, defined the Wadi Rum desert with three adjectives that seem to fit well: vast, echoing and divine. The Wadi Rum, or Valley of the Moon, truly has the appearance of another planet: large expanses of bright red sand in the midst of which rise high stone massifs that seem to emerge from nowhere.

Attending at dawn accompanied by a jeep guide in the middle of the Wadi dunes, or spending the night camped in the desert among the Bedouins watching stars that you never even suspected existed, are among the Jordan experiences that you cannot miss.

Top things to do in Wadi Rum

1-    Jeep Tour

Embarking on a jeep tour is probably one of the most practical ways to discover the most important sites of Wadi Rum in a short period. Starting from the Wadi Rum village, the jeep tours are entirely managed by the local Bedouins, the true masters and the best experts of Wadi Rum. The jeeps tour will guide you through the hidden natural and archaeological beauties of the area such as the natural rock bridges of Umm Fruth or Burdha Arch, rock inscriptions and carvings in Khazali canyon, Lawrence’s spring and Lawrence’s ‘house’.

2-    Camel or Horse Riding

If you wish to experience the desert the same way as Bedouins and travelers did for centuries, you should take a camel or horse ride. Available options include several day horse treks through the whole of the reserve area for the most adventurous, and short tours starting from half an hour trip to a full day trip.

3-    Hiking and Trekking

Wadi Rum also offers opportunities for trekking and hiking for all nature lovers. Daily hikes with trained Bedouin guides will allow you to explore the iconic desert rocks and cliff, and get a closer look at the magnificent and often unnoticed flora and fauna. The hikes retrace ancient routes used by the tribes of the area to graze their livestock and trade with other tribes. Depending on the experience and fitness of the hikers, various options are available: From and short and easy daily mountain walks up to the Al-Shallaleh Spring above the Rum Village, to a 5-day trek into the desert.

4-    Hot Air Balloon

A unique way to discover Wadi Rum is without a doubt by boarding the Wadi Rum hot air balloon. A tour usually lasts from 2 to 3 hours and allows the visitor to get an exclusive view over the astonishing desert scenery.

5-    Stargazing

The nonexistent light pollution and the emptiness and quietness of the desert make Wadi Rum one of the best places on earth to enjoy breathtaking views of the stars and moon.

Wadi Rum at sunset
Beautiful sunset at Wadi Rum

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