Raghadan Palace Jordan

Jordan’s Royal Palaces

Jordan's Royal Palaces: A Tale of Elegance, Functionality, and Heritage The Royal Palaces in Jordan differ significantly from the traditional Palaces or Castles one might envision in Europe. These residences, where the Kings of Jordan have lived since the establishment of the monarchy, are expansive properties with spacious gardens. However, unlike their European counterparts, they [...]

Hiking In Jordan, The Quick Guide

Hiking in Jordan: A Guide to Its Diverse Trails Embarking on a hiking adventure in Jordan offers an enriching and varied experience, with landscapes that range from arid deserts to lush mountains. Jordan boasts unique terrain and historic sites, making it an enthralling destination for those with a penchant for exploration. Below are several prime [...]
Um Qais Jordan at sunset

Unveiling Umm Qais

Unveiling Umm Qais: A Tapestry of Cultural Wonders and Off-the-Beaten Experiences Seeking a unique experience to immerse yourself in Jordan's local community and off-the-beaten paths? Umm Qais awaits as the perfect destination for a distinctive experience, allowing you to engage deeply with the vibrant local community during your stay. Discover the hidden gems and cultural [...]