Why Jordan Should Be Your First Country To Visit Post Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted lives more significantly than anybody anticipated. People around the world essentially had to stay inside their homes for months on end. That’s led to many people dreaming about not just being outside somewhere, but traveling abroad again.

Now that international travel restrictions are easing up, more countries are starting to accept tourists. While you might want to wait a while before actually traveling, the process could have you dreaming of a vacation. A holiday in Jordan might be the right one for you.

Before the pandemic, tours of Jordan had been quite popular, with more people visiting the country every year. Jordan tours can be appealing for a variety of reasons. Though you might know what some of these are, you could wonder why you should go for a private Jordan tour for your first holiday after the pandemic.

Outside of potentially being a more affordable vacation choice, there are multiple reasons why you should consider it.

Top Reasons To Visit Jordan After The Pandemic

Its Underappreciated Gems

Few people might be able to name Jordan’s sites off the top of their heads. Despite this, the country is one of the most beautiful in the world. Petra, a location in the south, is one such example of this. In fact, the historical masterpiece was named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Located in the Arabah valley, the carved structure was built by the nomadic Nabatians for them to settle in. One of the most fascinating things about this is that Petra was carved into the side of a mountain. That makes it one of the more visually stunning places that you can visit.

Couple this with the location’s historical context, and it’s somewhere that everyone needs to visit. With a private Jordan tour from a local travel company, you can find out much more about Petra’s history and its context.

There are multiple similar locations across Jordan, all of which can be recommended if you’re on holiday in Jordan.

The Dead Sea

People often talk about wanting to visit some of the highest peaks of the planet. That’s why so many people want to climb Mt. Everest. Few people are physically able to do that, however. Why not visit the lowest inhabited place on the planet instead?

The Dead Sea is the lowest place below sea level that’s not actually under the sea, despite what the name would suggest. This is a huge salt lake that spans as far as the eye can see, which is how it got its name.

If you’re religious, then the biblical connotations alone could be enough to persuade you to visit. The location is also where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. These should give all history and religion buffs more than enough reasons to visit the place, as you might be able to tour some of the caves that litter the area.

If you can, then that could make your private Jordan tour one of the more memorable holidays that you’ve been on.


While you might expect Jordan to be a relatively landlocked country, that’s only generally true. It does have one outlet to the sea, which is found at Aqaba. As a result, the city is rife with watersports, alongside the many other attractions that you might associate with the Middle East.

That could give the city somewhat of an old-world meets new atmosphere. The city is also regularly visited by cruise ships, which should start picking back up again after the pandemic. As a result of this kind of activity, there are quite a few tourist activities to take advantage of.

There are also many other sites that you can visit while you’re there, alongside countless amenities. That could make Aqaba a must-see destination for any holiday in Jordan.

The Food

Food mightn’t be the first thing you think of when you imagine Jordan. Despite this, the country offers world-class cuisine that’s been inspired by many of its neighbors. That makes food across the country similar to Lebanese, Syrian, and Egyptian, although it features its own unique blend of flavors.

If you’re a foodie, then that’s something that you should find appealing. You shouldn’t have to go too far out of your way to find some incredible food, as there are restaurants almost everywhere you look.

Fans of spice will especially like the food, and there are a few unique dishes that might be worth exploring. 


Jordan’s capital city is Amman, which should be near the top of your list if you plan on a vacation in Jordan. Having once gone by the name of Philadelphia, the city has a fascinating history dating back thousands of years. That history includes being destroyed and rebuilt on at least one occasion.

If you’re planning any historical tours of Jordan, then Amman should be the first place you visit. That doesn’t mean that history is the only reason you should visit. There’s an extensive nightlife, an active arts scene, and world-class food, among many other attractions.

No matter how long you’re in Amman for, you shouldn’t get bored, as there’s always something new to find. With a private Jordan tour, that’ll be especially true.

Book A Post-Pandemic Holiday In Jordan

If you’re thinking about a holiday in Jordan after the pandemic, then you should book with Jordan Direct. You can take advantage of Jordan tours that are catered specifically to your needs. If you want to skip the obvious sites and see some of the lesser-known attractions during your private Jordan tour, then that wouldn’t be an issue.

Any tours of Jordan should be tailor-made to your interests and schedule, which is what you get with Jordan Direct. Tour consultants help you plan out your private Jordan tour, while a guide and driver will show you the sites while making sure that you have an enjoyable time.

Booking a holiday in Jordan doesn’t need to be complicated or cost an arm and a leg. What’s stopping you from having enjoyable guided tours of Jordan?