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Jordan Private Tours

The main specialisation of jdtours is private, tailor made tours in Jordan. We were one of the first local companies that started this line of service, offering our clients tours of Jordan that are designed to their exact specifications, by giving them the freedom to have tours tailored to their liking, while immersing themselves in the culture and history of Jordan. This tours model allows our travellers to truly live and experience special immersive experiences that would not be possible had they travelled on their own or as part of a tour group.

Apart from being completely customisable, clients on our private tours are accompanied by our professional drivers, who have a lot of general knowledge about Jordan, its history and culture. As locals, our drivers know everything about the out of the way gems, meaning that our clients are exposed to the authentic side of Jordan, which only a local would be familiar with.

By embarking on a private tour, you’ll be able to cover much more ground than going on your own; you will not get lost, your visits will be facilitated and our drivers will try to pick the best local guides at each site for you. You will also have someone who is used to handling our notoriously disorganised traffic, and navigate through crazy driving habits so you won’t have to. Our Jordan private tours are a revelation for those who have never tried it before.