Why Use A Local Travel Company Like Jordan Direct For Your Jordan Petra Tour?


Holidays to Petra, Jordan, have been popular for quite some time, although the city is relatively under-visited. The same can be said for the country itself, although tourist numbers are starting to pick up.

A lot of this is focused on tours of Jordan, which has been widely known for its historical sites, beautiful scenery, and inviting culture for quite some time. These reasons alone could be enough to persuade many people to visit the country.

If you’re thinking about booking a luxury Jordan tour, you shouldn’t book just yet. While you might have a favorite travel agent where you live or are used to booking things yourself, you should consider a local travel company in Jordan, such as Jordan Direct.

There are multiple reasons behind this, with the most notable being that, in Jordan, tours of Petra can be much more thorough and knowledgeable on all things local, often showcasing hidden gems only local tour guides would know about. If you’re not fully convinced, then there are a few other reasons to use a local Jordan travel company for your holidays to Petra, Jordan.

Reasons To Use A Local Travel Company For Your Jordan Petra Tour

Learn About History & Context

Naturally, local travel company’s hire people from Petra or Jordan to work for them. These will be across a wide range of areas, including tour guides and drivers. In the vast majority of cases, if not all, these people will know much more about Jordan than any agency that isn’t based there.

That will allow you to learn about the history of the country and specific sites as you visit them. You might not get that with a company that isn’t based in Jordan. More importantly, locals can offer you context for historical events and sites; insights only local Jordanians would have. Instead of just being told what happened, you’ll also learn why.

Local travel companies can also give you more specific details, especially when it comes to more recent events. If you’re interested in history, then this is definitely the approach to take. You could learn much more about Jordan’s history and culture than you would have ever expected.

Find The Lesser Known Places Of Interest

If you ask people who aren’t from Jordan about places of interest, they might not think of many. The ones they can think of will be some of the more obvious, popular, touristy ones. If you search online, the same can also be said. With a local travel company, however, you can discover much more. Not only will you see the iconic places of Petra, you will discover little known hidden gems that only locals know exist.

They can give you a wealth of options for out-of-the-way sites and locations that many non-local tour guides may not know of, which could make your experience much more interesting. These recommendations will also be tailored to what you’re looking for, as you can ask your tour guide to take you somewhere.

That’ll make your holidays to Petra, Jordan feel much more personal and enjoyable.

Meet Other Travelers

No tours of Jordan are complete without meeting some fellow travelers. By hiring a local company for your tour, you can meet other people with similar interests to you. If you choose luxury exclusive Jordan tours, just for you and your family, however, this wouldn’t be the case.

It’s worth being open to group tours, as this can make your tour much more enjoyable. Since you’re all on the tour, you’ll have something to talk about all the time. At mealtimes, you can get to know each other better, which can help you make friends on your holiday.

Though this can be done without hiring any companies, it can be so much more difficult. That’s especially true when making sure that you speak the same language. What’s not to love about enjoying your Petra tour with a few extra people?

Learn More About The Local Food Culture

Nobody knows local food like the locals. No matter how much you might read online or hear from friends, few people can give you better recommendations for restaurants than local residents. That can be said of any country, though it’s just as true in Jordan.

While you might already know what the local specialties are, you might not know the best places to get them. Online recommendations will give you the most tourist-friendly places, although they typically wouldn’t mention anything off the beaten track.

By hiring a local travel company, such as Jordan Direct, you can find out where the best places to dine are. Since part of the holiday’s enjoyment is the food, there’s nothing not to like about this.

That can also be said of the nightlife, so you could also get recommendations of where you can have a few drinks.

See Things From A Different Angle

When most people visit a new country, they see it as a tourist would. That’s quite natural, especially if it’s the first time you’ve visited. That perspective on a country can be compounded if you typically only visit the tourist hotspots and commonly recommended places.

While that approach can give you a great impression of a place, it mightn’t be the most accurate one. By using a local travel agency, you can see things from another perspective. That could be about the city itself or even recent events around the country, alongside its history.

That could help you gain a much better understanding of Jordan, which could give you a better appreciation of it. You could find yourself coming back again and again because of that appreciation alone.

Why Hire Jordan Direct For Your Jordan Tour

If you’re looking for luxury Jordan tours, then Jordan Direct is your one-stop shop. Alongside offering tailor-made tours of Jordan catered to your needs, you can take advantage of a unique insight into the area.

Informed travel consultants are on-hand to offer you detailed insights into the local area, regardless of what cities you decide to visit. Coupled with these consultants are drivers and guides that will help make your holidays to Petra, Jordan, and other towns as engaging and informative as possible.

That’s without cutting down on the fun, as your tours of Jordan will be filled with exciting moments, alongside being filled with beautiful sites. You shouldn’t have any problem making memories on your special holiday.

What’s stopping you from booking your future Petra tour with Jordan Direct Tours?