Adventure in Jordan – Hiking & Trekking

If you are an adventure-seeking traveller, then Jordan is the right place for your next adventure! With its novel and unique places to explore, the abundance of diverse and beautiful natural sights, the country boasts countless attractions and experiences. The main elements for adventure in Jordan are the endless miles of trails, Wadis and canyons, the distinctive natural beauty, and not to forget the rich cultural history. With the enchanting deserts, glistening seas, Rocky Mountains and canyons, Jordan offers you one of the greatest opportunities for adventure and exploration. In addition to all the mentioned, Jordan provides its visitors with an array of services and accommodations, such as; Camps, guest houses, hotels, resorts, wild camping and more.
For this part, we will start with Hiking & Trekking trails to give you the information you need and help you decide which is the most convenient trail for you, and covering all locations from the North to the South.

Hiking is considered the broadest and most outstanding adventure activity in Jordan. The kingdom’s nature offers hiking trails that suit all levels of fitness and experience. The huge diversity of landscapes from mountains, to deserts, forests and fields gives nature and adventure lovers a variety of options inside and outside the nature reserves. Scenic views, biodiversity, and historical significance all result in a once in a lifetime experience that you will find in no other place but Jordan.

This multi-day activity requires planning as it is a more meticulous outdoor experience that is meant to test your ability, stamina, and sanity. The most extensive trek in our country is “The Jordan Trail”, a distinctive experience that is divided into 8 segments. Starting in the very North of Jordan and ending at its South. This trail offers you 40 days of hiking over more than 650 kilometres and travelling through 52 villages and towns on its way.

Northern Jordan:
Starting with the Yarmouk Forest Reserve, where you can choose one of the 4 guided and self-guided hiking trails in and around the reserve. The trails range from easy to moderate as some take 1 to 2 hours and other trails take up to 7 hours, still each trail offers unparalleled views of the surrounding areas.
Moving to Umm Qais where you will be spoiled for choice, with eight trekking routes to pick from, all varying in landscape and level of difficulty. A one-hour drive from Umm Qais, you can reach Pella and enjoy the healthy walk around the oak-dotted limestone hills of Pella near the archaeological site of Tabaqet Fahl.
Another interesting trail is the Umm Qais to Ajloun trekking trail that takes approximately 4 days to complete and covers the visits of multiple archaeological sites.

Centre of Jordan:
Starting in the city of As-Salt and making its way through Fuheis, Iraq Al Ameer, Roman Road, and ending at the Dead Sea canyons of Wadi Zarqa Main and Wadi Wala is the Salt to Wadi Zarqa Main trekking trail, 62.4 kilometres trail taking approximately 4 days to complete.
A 45-minute drive from the City of Mosaics, Madaba, you will reach Wadi Khashabah; a 4.8 kilometres out and back hiking trail located near Thiban, offering scenic views. Wadi Khashabah’s hiking trail is considered moderate and is primarily used for nature trips. Close by is Machaerus where you can try the 1.6 kilometres loop trail that is suitable for all skill levels. If you are looking for a challenge, you can try the Muheros Canyon trail; a 17.9 kilometre out and back trail near Thiban, that features a lake and is certainly rated as difficult.
Moving on to Mujib Biosphere Reserve’s Ibex trail; starting at the visitors’ centre and following the Dead Sea highway before ascending into the reserve. This trail runs parallel to the Dead Sea and then continues along several dry valleys (Wadis) to the Raddas Ranger Station, where you might have the chance to see the Nubian Ibex, and is also where the famous rock statue of Lot’s wife can be seen. After a short break, the trail continues along a road for almost an hour until you reach the reserve’s entrance.

Southern Jordan:
The Southern part of Jordan extends hiking and trekking options that include major trekking trails starting from Dana to Petra, from Petra to Wadi Rum, and from Wadi Rum to Aqaba. Each of these trekking trails makes its way through countless natural wonders and historical ruins. Dana Biosphere reserve alone offers you 10 trails to choose from. Varying in difficulty levels some of these trails are Campsite Trail, Rummana Mountain Trail, Nawatef Trail, Wadi Dathneh Trail, and much more.
Proceeding to the astonishing desert of Wadi Rum (The Moon Valley), you will find various options of guided and self-guided hiking trails that include great scenery and guaranteed thrill. Wadi Rum’s hiking trails include Makharas Canyon Hike (unguided), Jebel Rum Round Trip (guided/ extremely difficult), and Jabal Umm Ad Dami Ascent (guided). Maybe the most interesting hike is the Ascent of Jabal Umm Ad Dami, as its route scales 1832m which makes it Jordan’s highest peak on the rarely visited southern border with Saudi Arabia. This trail includes a professional guide along with a 4WD vehicle and it is moderately difficult.

The numerous choices might confuse you, but our consultants will help you make the right choice according to your preferences and the difficulty level that you can handle.